Morocco’s Royal Navy Rescues Illegals in Mediterranean

Need more of these types of rescues…much more: Morocco’s Royal Navy Rescues 100 EU-bound illegals in the Mediterranean.

This is how it should be done; the NGOs, which want them transferred to Europe, should be cleared out of the way.
Most of those rescued were from sub-Saharan Africa. After administering first aid, the Royal Navy transferred the migrants to ports across Morocco and handed them over to the Royal Gendarmerie for customary procedures.

The illegals do not belong in Europe, but once in, there are too many obstacles that have been erected by the EU and others that make it difficult to deport.

As always, it is ok to rely on this secondary help from another foreign country, but ultimately Europe must provide the primary defense of its borders with action that prevents entry at all costs.

Even if an EU country provides assistance at sea, it is under no obligation to grant entry.