Muslim leader tells Emmanuel Macron not to meddle with French Islam.

Muslim leader tells Emmanuel Macron not to meddle with French Islam.

V4 Report. France: Muslim leader tells Emmanuel Macron not to meddle with French Islam.

The V4 Report is not impressed with Macron, but believes this is a golden opportunity to strike back at the arrogance of many Muslim leaders, who need to clean up their own acts. There has been far too much tolerance in Western Europe.

According to Reuters, the rebuke came from an organization set up 15 years ago in an attempt to reign-in radical preachers who nourished extremism and radicalization. The hope was to foster a more homegrown form of Islam that would fit better with France’s traditional separation of church and state affairs.

The somewhat naive effort failed as France instead managed to foster “homegrown terrorists”. Many Muslims have no interest in this project and simply reject the French culture. The French produce more Islamic jihadists than any other nation in Europe.

“Everyone must stick to their role,” Ahmet Ogras, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), told Reuters in an interview.

“The Muslim faith is a religion and, as such, takes care of its own household affairs. The last thing you want is the state to act as guardian,” said Ogras, a Frenchman of Turkish descent who has led the CFCM since mid-2017.

The aggressive Turk would have a point, but it is his followers who “do not stick to their roles” and expect French society to adapt to their customs. France is in an ongoing state of emergency due to continued acts of terror committed by Islamic extremists.

France, in particular, has struggled with integrating their large Muslim minority (almost 9%). In fact, no EU state with a large Muslim minority has found success with integration.

– Macron has been under pressure to deal firmly with radical preachers and mosques since a wave of attacks in which Islamist militants killed more than 230 people in France since 2015.

Emergency search-and-arrest powers introduced in the wake of the November 2015 attacks that killed 130 people in Paris have since been made permanent under tougher security legislation. Several mosques have been shut and imams expelled.

From Turkey’s Erdogan to aggressive French imams to violent migrants, the Muslims do not respect and will continue to dominate weak West EU leaders who no longer have the will or courage to defend their culture, traditions and way of life. We are not even sure if they have any beliefs left, other than broad EU slogans like “solidarity” and “diversity”.

We wish Macron well and can only hope that he responds with some tough but needed words directed at the Muslim preachers in France. Rest assured, many radical Islamists are not worried about “tolerance” or political correctness.

Some, like the one pictured below, are not looking to assimilate but to dominate. (Look at the contempt Erdogan has for Macron.)