New EU Commission’s kindergarten mentality.

New EU Commission’s kindergarten mentality.

New EU Commission’s kindergarten mentality.

Just look at this pathetic tweet from a “useful tool” of EU media…and the hysterical, panic-like reaction from members of vdL Commission (‘your in trouble now, mister. We are going to tell the principal’) to criticism of the “Soros Orchestra” in Brussels by a Hungarian spokesman.

They are quite sensitive to the ‘Soros link’. 🤫. Even this Maros Sefcovic of Slovakia seems like an “obedient” EU servant. There is too much power in Brussels with too many opportunists feeding off the system.

One cannot reform this monstrosity, especially with Czech Republic and Slovakia nominating these weak and easily manipulated opportunists to the Commission.

– Katalin Halmai 👉 “Maros Sefcovic said that @vonderleyen will be briefed about the GAC and she will learn that @zoltanspox called @VeraJourova and @dreynders, 2 members of the EU Commission as the Soros Orchestra.”

👻😂 Is paddling still allowed in Brussels? This little fit is comical and illustrates the mentality of Brussels.

* V4 Report response: “EU kindergarten whining like brats to the “headmaster” after criticism of EU Godfather Soros.

Are his groupies untouchable? Does Vera Jourova not play his music 👉 “open society values are at the heart of EU action”. Is this appropriate for an EU Commissioner to be pushing the agenda of an unaccountable, multicult activist?

The V4 Report disagrees with @zoltanspox and Fidesz regarding their support of von der Leyen…but he is spot on here.

The Soros Orchestra in Brussels plays ‘Soros tunes’ quite often, why do some act surprised or offended?