New EU government in Italy welcomes 82 illegals to be resettled in Europe from NGO transfer boat Ocean Viking.

New EU government in Italy welcomes 82 illegals to be resettled in Europe from NGO transfer boat Ocean Viking.

New EU government in Italy welcomes 82 illegals to be resettled in Europe from NGO transfer boat Ocean Viking.

It’s a new era of “solidarity” for the EU as France and Germany send a clear message for others to get used to it…this will be the ‘new normal’.

Is this not facilitating illegal migration? It certainly is, but with Salvini sidelined, few seem willing to strongly challenge this Macron doctrine. Just like that, has the EU succeeded in turning illegal migration into legal migration?

– Ahead of an EU ministerial meeting in Malta later this month, the French and German interior ministers, Christophe Castaner and Horst Seehofer (another CSU/EPP fraud), both called for renewed efforts to agree a temporary EU-wide mechanism for distributing the transferred illegals from Africa.

– The U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi, also welcomed the news as “a positive development!” He tweeted: “Hopefully this is a further step towards urgently needed, predictable disembarkation arrangements supported by a number of EU countries.”

– Italy’s leftist culture minister, Dario Franceschini, tweeted that the move marked the “end of Salvini’s propaganda on the backs of desperate people at sea. Politics and good international relations are back to tackle and solve the migration problem.”

Some of the comments from the left in Italy and the UN are truly disgusting; but our biggest disappointment and surprise has been the ease at which Macron and Merkel have been allowed to dominate the migration debate. The push back is just not there. After the EU Summit, many seem reluctant to challenge Paris and Berlin, even when they are openly and directly supporting illegal migration.

This timidity will prove to be a colossal mistake.

But this is what happens when a global institution expands to the point where it holds so much power (budgets, appointments) that members have to genuflect to the Kings and Queens (gender balance 🤨) of Brussels in order to get a “seat at the table” or to receive important “portfolios”. It’s a soft form of blackmail, but it is also tolerated.

Yet, in the end, one is playing their game…on their field…with their rules. The result is predictable and the EU state continues to expand. Eventually, this strategy is doomed for failure.

To be frank, we no longer believe the culture of the EU can be changed, especially given how easily Brussels was able to keep the right divided. Clearly, the three main EU parties (EPP, Renew Europe, Socialists) had a plan at the EU Summit to isolate Matteo Salvini and to prevent any meaningful coalition of the right that might have developed to challenge its supremacy.

Did they not succeed, or are we to pretend otherwise?

Look at this new EU Commission, comprised overwhelming of Macron progressives, EU federalists and fanatical Socialists. The only decent commissioner (Hungary) will be targeted by the left for defeat, while Andrej Babis wasted an opportunity by nominating Soros ally Vera Jourova, who was named as some type of “values” minister. The new migration minister is a feminist from Sweden and Frans Timmermans is von der Leyen’s first vice-President (second in line). Can it get any worse or has the bar been lowered? 🤨

Visegrad needs a new strategy to engage and strengthen both the centre-right ECR Group (PiS in Poland) and Salvini’s group on the right. These are their true allies…not von der Leyen or Charles Michel.

They can start by calling out and strongly challenging Germany, France and the other EU willing states that are encouraging illegal migration and exposing all in Europe. They cannot be part of a union that assists in illegal migration, eventually it will touch them.

The clock is ticking…once the EU firmly establishes a precedent, it eventually grows into a life of its own.