New leaders of Central Europe keep Visegrad strong and united in opposition to EU migrant quotas.

New leaders of Central Europe keep Visegrad strong and united in opposition to EU migrant quotas.

* New leaders of Central Europe keep Visegrad strong and united in opposition to EU migrant quotas.

The Visegrad Group offered 35 million euros to Italy on Thursday to support missions in Libya aimed at curbing illegal migration.

All four rejected the EU scheme to implement a permanent and mandatory mechanism to relocate migrants across the bloc.

– Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni welcomed the financial assistance (of course) but insisted Visegrad still needed to accept relocation quotas. In the past, Gentiloni has refused the offers from Visegrad to send troops and detention specialists to help secure the external border.

“I think it was a very important decision,” Gentiloni said. “Differences, however, remain. We will continue to insist that a commitment on the relocation of refugees is needed.”

The V4 Report believes Gentiloni, who is a member of the Party of European Socialists (PES), will not be waiting around much longer. We expect him to be soundly rejected by the Italian people in the upcoming elections.

** Any hope for Brussels and the pro-German “think tanks” to split Visegrad are delusional. Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki and the Czech Republic’s Andrej Babis both made it clear that they would maintain their nation’s principled stance regarding migration and security.

The leaders of Visegrad prefer to support the refugees closer to their homes, which is proving to be far more efficient and productive than the mayhem associated with resettlement and relocation. More importantly, they also believe it is the best way to protect their citizens and culture.

“It is worth investing considerable amounts of money in helping refugees in (regions) they are fleeing from. The help on the ground there is much more effective,” said Morawiecki, explaining Warsaw would do that instead of accepting refugees.

“It won’t happen,” Babis told reporters ahead of the summit, highlighting that any attempt to impose “nonsensical” quotas in a majority vote would only widen the divisions in the EU.

Even Slovakia’s PM Robert Fico said that unanimity must prevail in the EU, especially on such divisive issues.

*** Italy, Germany and other proponents of relocation quotas in Brussels are also reported to be very upset with Donald Tusk, who suggested that the EU’s quota program was “highly divisive” and “turned out to be ineffective.”

EU Minister of Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos called Tusk’s paper “unacceptable”. Avramopoulos is from Greece and may be too compromised regarding this issue. “It denies, it ignores, all the work that we have done during the past three years,” said Avramopoulos.

In fact, it does not deny or ignore anything; it just accepts reality. The “work” provided by Brussels regarding migration over the past three years has been an utter disaster and only prolonged and deepened the crisis. In the business world, “all work” is not necessarily productive or fruitful.

Avramopoulos also babbled on about undermining “one of the main pillars of the European project, the principal of solidarity”. We would remind Mr. Avramopoulos that there was never any “European Solidarity” for open borders, mass migration or rabid multiculturalism. This was a slogan invented by Angela Merkel and Berlin.

**** The momentum has changed in Europe since 2015 and the leaders of Brussels are well aware of this; hence, their aggressive threats of blackmail in order to keep their seats of power.

Austria will soon be ruled by conservatives who are much closer to Visegrad on migration than Brussels. Gentiloni’s ruling party in Italy is melting-down and other CEE and Baltic states (plus Denmark) are starting to voice their opposition to Dublin reforms that include mandatory migrant quotas.

Viktor Orban and Visegrad were once lonely voices challenging Angela Merkel on migration. Today, others are starting to follow their lead.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.