New migrant surge in Greece; border crisis will not be solved by EU solidarity slogans or quotas

New migrant surge in Greece; border crisis will not be solved by EU solidarity slogans or quotas

August 29, 2017

* Greece: Government sources see Erdogan’s tactics behind the increase in migrant arrivals. Probably, but Greece must put more effort into sending back all the migrants to Turkey as stipulated in the deal with the EU.

– A new rush of migrants from the Turkish shores resulted in 633 people landing on Greek islands last weekend, according to the Hellenic Coast Guard. For the week, arrivals topped 1000. Will this surge continue?

– The V4 Report believes the recent surge may also involve two other factors that encourage the migrants to seek Europe:

1) Greece is not sending back ALL non-Syrian “irregulars” (as defined by the EU) to Turkey as required by the deal. As we have seen in Italy, the migrants will keep coming as long as they are granted entry and are not threatened by deportation.

2) Angela Merkel and the UN are working on a new migrant relocation scheme to extend and enlarge the EU quota system to include new countries and people in “refugee-like” situations. Relocation only exacerbates the crisis and lures more migrants to Europe. The actions of the EU Commission have only intensified and deepened the border crisis in Europe.

Erdogan is not a stable leader and Europe cannot count on a tyrant in the long term. At some point, the EU will have to defend their own borders. The way to drastically reduce the numbers is to deny entry and deport those illegals migrants who do not belong in Europe. Anything else sends the wrong message.

Some say the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting different results. Maybe, but we think the actions of the EU may provide a more accurate definition of insanity.

The border crisis will not be solved by feeble “solidarity slogans” or futile relocation mechanisms. This is “EU talk”. Sealing the border and denying entry is the only solution. This is “V4 action”.

Onwards, V4! Stay strong and united.