‘New Right’ to Bring an End to Brussels’ Mass Migration Policy – says V4 Report Analyst.

‘New Right’ to Bring an End to Brussels’ Mass Migration Policy – says V4 Report Analyst.

Well, the ‘New Right’ must be an indication that it’s the V4 Report again.

– Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven is pushing ahead with an open border policy, while right-wing parties across the EU are sounding alarm bells about the devastating consequences of uncontrolled migration. Speaking to Sputnik, Bill Ravotti, moderator of the V4 Report, explained how the rise of the New Right may alter the status quo in the bloc.

Some highlights:

* “The elections will see the New Right of [Italian Deputy PM] Salvini, [Hungarian PM] Orban, the PiS [Poland’s Law and Justice party] and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) soar”, he predicted. “Regardless if they are in the same EU parties or not, they will work together on the ‘core issues’ (migration, sovereignty, strength of the nation state) to become an effective counterweight to Germany and France.”

* “We are already starting to see this with Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic and others”, he said. “In fact, eight of the twelve Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) nation states that comprise the Three Seas Initiative did not sign the UN Compact, which was a huge defeat for Berlin and Brussels. And we also see new parties of the right emerging in Finland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.”

* On EU subsidies to V4: “In other words, although not nearly as dramatic as the Marshall Plan, this EU ‘subsidy’ greatly benefits the donor countries in the long run. One does not hear many complaints from Western firms producing record profits located in the lands of Visegrad,” Ravotti elaborated.

* “The entire so-called EU Project is a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the European nation state, whether it’s EU gun directives, forced migrant quotas or Article 7 procedures used as a political tool to try to alter and change national legislation,” Ravotti told Sputnik.