Nightmare in Sweden; Poland to the rescue.

Nightmare in Sweden; Poland to the rescue.

Nightmare in Sweden; Poland to the rescue.

By fleeing from Sweden, a father protects and defends his daughters. Poland once again takes the high and noble road by shielding these young girls from “social services” in Sweden.

This article is spot on: The government of Sweden is repulsive and has hit rock-bottom.

– It seems after the birth of his children, Dimitry Lisov’s wife developed mental problems and had to be hospitalized. It was then that the horror began.

The Swedish government decided to place the three daughters in a foster home, supposedly because Mr. Lisov did not have a “constant income” (he is a roofer). But this foster home wasn’t anything like what the girls were used to…the host was a Muslim family of Lebanese descent.

It is very significant to add that these girls were from a Christian home.

* We cannot understand why any nation would want to be associated with Sweden in any form, especially in a union where MEPs from Sweden can meddle in or negatively influence the affairs of others states.

Quite frankly, the Swedish government is a danger to children, Europe and anything it touches. If Brussels’ champions the demented values of the Swedish government while criticizing the leaders of Poland and Hungary, then this “project” must be repudiated.

It is an absolute disgrace what is happening in Sweden, not to mention other parts of the West EU bloc.

* Warning to any parent. Reading this article may make one sick to the stomach…although it is refreshing to see Poland rebuff the cultural Marxists in Sweden.