No to Turkey in EU.

No to Turkey in EU.

No to Turkey in EU.

It does not happen often, but we strongly disagree with Viktor Orban regarding his support for Turkey’s accession to the EU. This would be a disaster; fortunately, there are other states that would veto this action, including Austria, which has major issues with Erdogan, not to mention Turk nationals in Austria.

Again, the V4 Report does no intend to be overly critical of Orban, considering all that he has done and continues to do. He is solid, but this issue would have major ramifications and we remain adamantly opposed to not only EU membership for Turkey, but visa-free travel as well.

We understand Orban’s position as the leader of Hungary, and dialogue is vital even when leaders may disagree on certain issues. We are not opposed to the visit and talks with Erdogan or any other leader we find troubling. However, EU membership for Turkey is a different monster and this is a line we have warned against crossing.

– Erdogan expressed appreciation for Hungary’s support for Turkey’s EU accession. The EU, he said, had recently handled Turkey “in a rather dismissive manner”. Obviously, Erdogan conveniently forgot about his actions to flood Europe in 2015 “in a rather dismissive manner”. However, this illustrates the arrogance of Erdogan, who expects the EU to bow down before him.

In the same conference, Erdogan threatened to flood Europe…again. Erdogan said Turkey would continue looking after the migrants but the country would not be able to handle everything.

“If no solution is found then the “gates will have to be opened and it is obvious in which direction people will set off.”

As we have posted many times before, Europe cannot rely on others, especially unstable third parties, to secure its own borders. Eventually, they will need to grow up and realize that they will need to do this themselves, using any means necessary. They certainly have the means to stop the boats, including the use of military zones, and to adjust the attitude of Turkey (crippling economic sanctions to break its ribs)…but they lack the will and confidence.

* The culture of Turkey is not Europe and they would seek to dominate the bloc. It is not only a very large country but it is an Islamic state, with the Muslim Brotherhood enjoying heavy influence. Erdogan was one of the main agitators that destabilized Syria and often was allied with Islamic extremists. The V4 Report does not view Erdogan as a partner, but a global pariah. At some point, Europe will have to find the will (the means is there) to defend its own borders, instead of relying on unstable foreign powers or third parties.

Orban needs to rethink this issue, the prospects of Turks flooding Hungary or Central Europe is not desirable in any way. One can see how this has worked out for Germany, the Netherlands or Austria. They have major problems with integration. In addition, we do not believe the addition of Turkey would help Europe defend its culture or Christian heritage as Orban has argued for in the past.

** The last thing Europe needs is “more EU”….or Turkey.