One of Guy Verhofstadt’s ‘Benelux’ boys attacks Hungary over migration.

One of Guy Verhofstadt’s ‘Benelux’ boys attacks Hungary over migration.

One of Guy Verhofstadt’s ‘Benelux’ boys attacks Hungary over migration.

Was Rutte trying to deflect attention from the scandals rocking the Netherlands regarding the concealment of serious crimes committed by the migrants?

It seems PM Rutte is feeling the heat from the New Right party emerging in the Netherlands as well. So he has decided to target Orban, which never works out well. Just ask Martin Schulz 🇩🇪, Matteo Renzi 🇮🇹 and Christian Kern 🇦🇹.

Of course, PM Mark Rutte of the Netherlands – a proud feminist member of the ALDE Group – utilized the usual vague “rule of law” slogan to hid his disdain for Hungary’s migration policy.

– Hungary summoned Rene van Hell, the Dutch Ambassador to Hungary, to reject the “unacceptable allegations” of Prime Minister Mark Rutte (ALDE-Verhofstadt) regarding the Hungarian government.

Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported that Rutte had said some politicians were “turning their backs on Europe”. At a campaign rally, Rutte cited Hungary as an example “where the rule of law is shunned, seemingly without any consequences”.

Tamas Menczer, the ministry’s state secretary for communications and international representation, said that at the root of the “conflict between the Hungarian and Dutch governments” is their different views on migration. The Hungarian government says no to migration, and “this is the root cause of all criticism”, he said.

* Well, the V4 Report is not a fan of recalling ambassadors to protest. We believe this tactic, maybe effective in the past, has lost its fizz.

Instead, Viktor Orban and others should keep pounding these mindless EU groupies who tolerated mass migration and promoted the failed multicult policies of Brussels and Western Europe. What were they doing in 2015, when Viktor Orban answered the bell to defend Europe?

Allegedly, in 2016, it was reported by some that Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel attempted to broker a secret side deal with Turkey to transfer 250,000-500,000 migrants annually to Europe. Obviously, this was shot down quickly after it was leaked, but Rutte did nothing to stop the wave.

Now Rutte has other questions to answer? We are always amazed at the hypocrisy of these EU charlatans who benefited from Orban’s actions at the southern border.