An “Open Border” is a catastrophe, not an act of humanity. Secure Border is best for all.

An “Open Border” is a catastrophe, not an act of humanity.  Secure Border is best for all.

July 9, 2017

* An “Open-Border” is a catastrophe, not an act of humanity. Securing the borders is best for all. Also, on Friday, we posted our concerns that Brussels would attempt to “expand and enlarge” the EU’s migrant relocation scheme to include new nationalities from Africa. Brussels has not and will not change.

– Dimitris Avramopoulos, an EU commissioner, wants all member states – including the UK – to contribute to resettling a total of 37,000 migrants from five north African countries. While they are “voluntary pledges”, it is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. Europe must drastically reduce, not increase, the number of migrants in Europe. This sends a message for more migrants to come. How much longer before this “one-time” voluntary pledge turns into another expanded mandate? When will it end? Only when the leaders of Italy and Brussels implement a policy to seal the border and pull back the migrants to a port in Africa.

Instead, we see statements like this: “We have no problem with NGOs,” EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said. “The idea is to better our working relationship using more coordinated efforts.”

– In our opinion, besides sealing the internal borders and rejecting the migrant quotas from Italy/Greece, the V4 and CEE leaders must initiate a “no confidence” vote on the leaders in Brussels. We have previously called for the V4 leaders and others to demand the resignations of both Avramopoulos and Frans Timmermans for their negligent actions. Perhaps this list needs to be expanded. The EU Ministers have failed Europe and are succumbing to the demands of George Soros and his open-border mercenaries operating in Europe. Many of the EU Ministers seem to be multicult extremists themselves.

– We intentionally included the article from the left-wing Guardian to illustrate the type of propaganda being used by the Marxist NGOs and others to push their agendas.
We believe many have lost all credibility and cannot be trusted as a reliable source, given their manifesto to transfer as many migrants to Europe as possible.

– Moreover, they are dead wrong. The smugglers and migrants have targeted Italy because their border is “open”. How many migrants has Italy sent back to Africa? What is attracting these aggressive male migrants from all over Africa, and even Bangladesh, to flock to the country of Libya? What is the lure of Libya and why are they going there in such large numbers? The answer is obvious to all, except for those who have their own agendas. The pull factors are the “open-border” in Italy with no resistance, the NGO “taxi service” to transfer the migrants from Libya, and the generous welfare benefits offered by Western Europe.

– The crisis is a direct result of NGO “trafficking” and the open-entry in Italy that creates a huge profit motive for the smugglers and other criminal entities. This acts like a magnet. The EU and Angela Merkel have not helped with their “proclamations” and relocation pledges.

– Australia is an example of a closed border, not Italy, and their government took action to stop the arrivals from sea and the tragic deaths. It is a “secure border” that is best for all, providing a shield to protect Europeans from aggressive male migrants (and terrorists) arriving from violent cultures. Moreover, it also provides the best protection for the true war refugees, who are best helped closer to their homes. The EU needs to support safe camps for refugees outside of Europe, not internal “relocation” schemes or “gathering centers” to facilitate illegal migration to Europe.

The problem in Europe does not reside in Poland or Hungary, but in the halls of Brussels. Europe must not be used as a mere “test tube” for the multicult experiments of George Soros and his fellow travelers in Brussels.

Onward V4! It’s time to openly challenge and confront the powers in Brussels.