Orban addresses EPP “drift to the left”.

Orban addresses EPP “drift to the left”.

Orban addresses EPP “drift to the left”.

The Hungary Journal on Twitter: Orban 👉The EPP has drifted to the left, if @donaldtusk won’t be able to restore the original state of affairs, @FideszEP will have to build a new community.

* There is already one built at the ECR Group, which, in the V4 Report’s opinion, consists of much higher quality members than the “CDU/Grand Coalition” tools inside the EPP.

Orban would make this group much stronger, attracting other conservative nationalists to the cause, while providing a pathway to work with Salvini’s group on the right.

Why be stuck with Andrej Plenkovic, Manfred Weber and Donald Tusk when one can fight with Giorgia Meloni, VOX and the PiS of Poland?

It matters little if the EPP is the largest group for now, especially considering the disastrous results they helped produced while working with the Socialists as a majority inside the EU.

The EPP even conspired with the Socialists and Guy Verhofstadt’s federalists at Renew Europe to install a Salvini rival and open-border extremist (Sassoli) as the President of the EU Parliament.

Enough with the EPP drama, the party has gone soft and just sent a clear message regarding its “values” by electing Donald Tusk as its leader.

The Kohl era is over and the CDU/CSU base has sold its Soul. Its time to move on to the ECR…where Hungary’s true friends and allies await.