Orban needs to dump old CSU/CDU “dead weight” at EPP.

Orban needs to dump old CSU/CDU “dead weight” at EPP.

Orban needs to dump old CSU/CDU “dead weight” at EPP.

Viktor Orban should not give an inch to Germany’s Manfred Weber, nor should he allow the establishment of the EPP to altar his campaign against Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU Commission.

They deserve to be taken to task for failing to defend Europe, alienating Britain and Visegrad, and allying themselves with Soros and Open Society. Juncker and Dimitris Avramopoulos were quite open with their agenda to commit the EU to mass migration. Quite honestly, one with more honor and personal integrity than Juncker (or any one of the Commissioners) would have resigned long ago. They have failed Europe.

– As the PiS in Poland found out when it tried to modify its judicial reform to please Brussels, one cannot negotiate or appease Brussels. They see this not as a sign of good faith, but as a sign of weakness. The same goes for Merkel’s base and its bosses in the EPP.

First and foremost, as evidenced by its support for Article 7, the EPP is a party that seeks to expand the power and scope of Brussels. After all, they are part of that establishment. They demand allegiance to the hierarchy and any criticism of its members, especially one with a high ranking position in Brussels, will be met with fierce resistance.

While there were no apologies from Orban (please read the linked article in full to get Orban’s response) and there is more to the story than the below headline suggests, we see no reason whatsoever to replace Juncker on those posters with anyone, even one as despicable as Frans Timmermans. Both Juncker and the EPP are major problems…and this needs to be both revealed and debated. (We take position that one must first deal with imposters in its own ranks.)

– What is the importance of belonging to a majority party heading in the wrong direction, a party that promotes so-called EU “core values” at odds with one’s beliefs? Is it the EPP – where many of its members voted for Article 7 against Orban – that defends Hungary…or Visegrad, PiS (Poland) and FPO?

The importance of the EPP is vastly overrated and they are the party “heading in the wrong direction”. The EPP and the Socialists (Frans Timmermans), who often work together and are conveniently labeled by the media as the ‘mainstream’, are both headed for big losses.

Who has the momentum in Europe and who is headed for the biggest gains? Matteo Salvini (League) and the PiS in Poland. Who will argue that Viktor Orban does not have more in common with the PiS or Salvini as opposed to Donald Tusk or Angela Merkel?

Who has the momentum and provided the political earthquakes in 2016, 2017 and 2018 that rocked the establishment in Brussels? It was Poland (PiS), Austria (FPO part of ruling party) and Italy (The League). Who first stood up to Angela Merkel (the most influential force of EPP) to help change the debate in Europe regarding mass migration? Viktor Orban of Hungary in 2015.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is gone and so is his EPP Party and country. The EPP, like the CSU, has abandoned its roots to embrace the culture of Brussels. The CSU, especially, has fallen far, and like a blind sister, enabled Merkel to pursue her open-border catastrophe and a more powerful and intrusive EU.

Orban has no need to pander to the EPP (and he has not). They are not the future. We believe it’s time for Orban to unite with the authentic right of Salvini, PiS, and FPO. If there are true conservatives left in the EPP, they will follow.

While many others will join as foot soldiers, the foundation and face of this new movement must be Salvini, Orban, the PiS and the FPO. All four carry weight and are part of ruling coalitions, with Italy and Poland two of the biggest countries in the EU.

If not now…then when?

🔔🥊 Yesterday, the V4 Report had much to say on Twitter regarding Manfred Weber and the EPP:

* Manfred Weber opens up on Article 7: “Me and ‘my group’ (EPP) in a large majority voted for imposing Article 7 procedure on Budapest. In the same vein, we also supported Article 7 votes against what has been done about the rule of law in Poland…A lot of my EPP colleagues voted in the same manner and that is why we have jumped over a 2/3 majority needed to trigger Article 7. So, we made it real. Not Socialists, not other parties.”

How noble of you, Manfred, to upstage the Socialists.

* Weber’s EPP – which include the far left Bildts of Sweden and Donald Tusk – are big critics of PiS, Salvini and the FPO. They are useful tools of Merkel’s CDU, which seeks to expand the power & scope of Brussels and Berlin.

* One cannot fight the left with a left that’s a little less noxious. This is how authentic conservatives (paleo-conservatives) were crushed in the USA by the neoconservatives. The lesser of two evils theory never works out well; the EPP will turn on Orban after they have no use for him. One only has to see how the EPP disdains the PiS in Poland.

* EPP’s Othmar Karas of the old OVP guard in Austria, which meekly submitted to Berlin for years, attacks the FPO and also voted for Article 7 against Hungary. Karas disdains Orban and the FPO and does his best to try to distance Sebastian Kurz from both.

* Just who are the conservatives in the EPP? Maybe a few are left but where are they? The CSU of Bavaria has been beaten down by Merkel’s CDU and was even willing to form a coalition with the Greens. They have enabled Merkel for years in Germany. They are all talk and no action, more concerned about keeping their seats at the table with Merkel.

* The EPP has no base of conservatives left to even reform. It is dead, infested with old CSU, OVP and Tusk types fighting to expand the power of Brussels at the expense of the nation state. This is why Weber attacks Salvini and the PiS in Poland, who are both major threats to his own power.

* At this point, the EPP has revealed its true colors and we believe Orban must move on. If not now, then when? The defenders of the European nation states must unite under the leadership of Salvini, Orban, PiS and FPO. There are others to join as foot soldiers but these four have to be the public leaders of the new movement.

All four are leaders or part of ruling coalitions and could be the base and face of new a united party.

Salvini, Orban, the PiS and FPO. If not now, then when?

The time to strike at the EU establishment