Orbán wins the migration argument. No one in Brussels wants to say it out loud, but Viktor Orbán is winning the migration debate.

Orbán wins the migration argument. No one in Brussels wants to say it out loud, but Viktor Orbán is winning the migration debate.

* Hungary: Orbán wins the migration argument.
No one in Brussels wants to say it out loud, but Viktor Orbán is winning the migration debate.

** Written by JACOPO BARIGAZZI. We thank one of our readers for sending us this article.

*** “Nobody will admit it in this town, but yes, Orbán’s narrative is prevailing,” a senior EU official said. While Hungary and Slovakia recently lost their fight against the EU’s relocation scheme at the European Court of Justice, the facts on the ground show that the legal victory for Brussels was hollow.

– We definitely believe Viktor Orban and the V4 nations changed the debate on migration. Where would Central Europe be without the leadership of Orban, who was the first to openly challenge Germany and Angela Merkel in the fall of 2015? Poland has also been a strong and unwavering force since the Law and Justice Party came to power.

– However, while Viktor Orban takes strong action to back his words, the leaders of the EU often use rhetoric empty of all substance. For instance, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker claims, “We are now protecting Europe’s external borders more effectively.”

In reality, Brussels has done very little to protect the borders. This work has been accomplished by the nation states. Hungary, Macedonia (non-EU) and other CEE states secured the Balkan route, thus closing the migrant pipeline from Greece to Germany. As a result, the migrant demand for Greece dwindled. The Balkan closing was yielding positive results well-before the Merkel-Erdogan Pact, which was designed to try to bolster Merkel’s reelection by taking credit for the work of others. Unfortunately, this has become a habit of the EU.

– Juncker is now shamelessly attempting to take credit for the efforts to stop migrants before they leave Africa. In reality, the efforts of the EU – working in a quiet partnership with the NGO transfer ships – failed miserably and actually increased the traffic in the Mediterranean for the first six months of the year. It was not until the government of Italy started to secretly fund “armed groups” in Libya to prevent the migrants from taking off that positive results first appeared. During the months of July and August, the traffic was sharply reduced. This had nothing to do with the inept policies of Brussels or Berlin, whose leaders were still promoting “relocation” as the solution.

“People who have no right to stay in Europe must be returned to their countries of origin,” said Juncker. A nice slogan, but there are virtually no efforts by the EU or Western European leaders to return illegal migrants, who make up 95% of those landing in Italy, to Africa or their countries of origin. This is simply not happening and we have little faith that things will change in Brussels.

– Finally, we get a glimpse of the EU’s strategy. “It’s not a matter of being in line with Orbán,” the EU diplomat said. “It’s just that first we had to show things are under control, then we can work on better ways of managing flows.”

Oops. While we believe many CEE leaders are starting to move closer to the V4’s position on migration, the bureaucrats in Brussels remain obsessed with mass migration and multiculturalism. They may be trying to show “things are under control” for the upcoming elections, but they will continue their agenda afterwards. We already know Angela Merkel and the UN are working on new quota schemes to include migrants from Africa and persons in “refugee-like” situations.

Their goal is not to reduce the flow of migrants, but to change the method of transfer by establishing “safe passages” for the ongoing relocation of migrants to Europe. Simply put, “managing the flows” is the process of turning illegal migration into legal migration. Once the migrants are transported to Europe, the EU will “manage” the distribution of migrants throughout the bloc via a permanent relocation mechanism. The migrant quotas will never end.

– Yes, Viktor Orban and the V4 are winning the debate, but not in Brussels. They are winning the hearts and minds of the European people. Europeans are rightly upset at the EU’s unwillingness to defend their borders and they will not tolerate unelected socialists in Brussels waging war on their culture and way of life. This battle will not be won or lost in Brussels; it will be determined by the people of the European nation states.

We do not believe the future of Visegrad and Central Europe is the EU Core. We believe the future will involve smaller, less-intrusive regional alliances that better reflect the values and beliefs of its people.

The CEE states must focus on building and strengthening coalitions such as the V4 and Three Seas Initiative. Here is where Central Europe will build their own core foundation.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.