Orban’s Libya Solution A Common Sense

Orban’s Libya Solution A Common Sense

Viktor Orban, the PM of tiny Hungary, seems to be a giant among lesser EU men.  Detested by the media and the establishment, Orban has done more than anyone to change the debate in Europe.  When Angela Merkel allowed her emotions to overcome reality, it was Orban, virtually alone, who first rose to oppose her Open Border policy.  Without his conviction and courage to secure Hungary and assist the Balkans in shutting down the Greece-Germany migrant pipeline, Merkel may have been able to pull-off her permanent migrant redistribution scheme. This would have been a disaster, guaranteeing an endless supply of migrants worldwide. Thanks to the border surrender of Italy and Greece, the situation is still critical, but it would have been worse without Orban’s stand.  The tide has turned.

Today, while EUCO and Merkel blindly dabble in futile games and slogans to try to find a solution (by luring more migrants with incentives such as debit cards, resettlement, staged rescue operations, etc), Orban is actually providing the critical thinking needed to deny entry and REDUCE the numbers.

From day one, Orban and the V4 nations insisted on a secure EU border in order to deny entry to unknown men from violent regions. The attacks by terrorists using those open borders validated their point, as well as the numerous sexual assaults committed by the migrants who were just “waved-through” by the leaders of Italy and Greece.  Merkel’s open border policy was a disaster for all, including the true war refugees.

In order to restore order to Europe and to help the authentic refugees, Orban has proposed funding and setting up camps in Libya to process the asylum claims. There, before allowing entry into the EU, the ineligible migrants would be sent home and the approved refugees would be provided with a safe area to await a country that freely chooses to accept them.  If Slovakia prefers Christians as a better fit for their culture, it is their choice to decide based on their national interests, not some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.  Likewise, if Germany desires refugees for their workforce, they could provide the transfers straight from Libya to Germany without the open border chaos that burdens others along the way.  If Hungary or Czech Republic decided that Muslim migrants would imperil their priceless culture and way of life, they certainly have the right to accept no migrants.  This is the freedom of nation states to choose their own destiny.

Orban and the V4 will have to tolerate the venom-filled temper tantrums of Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament and their useful stooges in the media.  They will not be thrilled and there will be much angst, but neither do they have to live with the consequences of multiculturalism.   This may be the only solution to save Europe from Merkel’s Vision, and the insane border policies of the Mediterranean States.

Orban’s proposal is a common sense, for normal leaders do not expose their citizens to the criminal “dark side” of open borders.  In time, and judging from past results, more member states will soon be following the lead of Viktor Orban.

Its time to start defending the way of life and culture of Europe.  Plan C in Libya makes perfect sense.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. ??