Outrage in Spain

Outrage in Spain

Outrage in Spain.

The blowback to mass migration as the self-proclaimed ‘feminist’ government of Spain continues to negligently expose its own citizens to this open-border madness. The PM’s wife may even be linked to an NGO.

Thirteen were arrested (four of them ‘minors’) for sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl, who suddenly found herself surrounded by about twenty young men. Police arrested six Moroccans, one Dominican and two Spaniards of legal age; two Moroccans, a Venezuelan, and a Spanish were ‘minors’.Others are still on the run and must be ‘hunted down’ (this phrase is specifically for Vera Jourova, who claims ‘hunting down’ is not acceptable speech and could incite violence 😂).

The events took place around 10 pm when the victim danced on a bench with two friends. With no time to react, the attacking group surrounded her and began to touch her all over her body, especially her private parts, while receiving all kinds of verbal expletives.
Thanks to the help of her friends, the minor was able to leave the group and alert the police, who arrived promptly.

It’s much more efficient to deny entry to these aggressive males from alien cultures, although three were home-grown cowards. Local boys should give them a special harsh lesson they will not forget.