Paris Attacks: Did it Change the Debate on Migration?

Paris Attacks:  Did it Change the Debate on Migration?

              Certainly America, while mostly ignoring the refugee crisis in Europe prior to the terror attack in France, has woken up.  The chatter is endless and sometimes even maddening.  Some would ban all refugees while others would open the borders to all, no questions asked.  Perhaps one thing we can get over here is the useless comparisons that “we are a nation of immigrants” that “welcomed my grandparents” from Italy, Slovakia, Germany (personally true)….It sounds nice, but trying to piece together events — separated by decades, under a different context, and involving very different people, cultures, and times — to fit ones own political agenda is irrelevant to the current debate.
              But you can’t accuse America of being naive.  After the Sunni terrorists attacked the US on 9-11 with planes, there was no hesitation “to change and strengthen” security at the airports.  No endless babble and self-blame about those “disenfranchised” from our culture resorting to terrorism.
              Amazingly,  little has changed in Europe besides the fear factor.  Those — such as Merkel, Juncker, etc — who advocated “no borders, no limits, no security” are insisting on the status quo and want no changes.  They have doubled down and are even more determined to impose “Merkel Vision” on the rest of the EU.  Forget any visions of Hungarians, Czechs, Poles or Slovaks –“solidarity” means genuflecting to Merkel and Germany.
              This is disappointing but not shocking. The idea of opening up ones borders to millions of undocumented migrants/refugees from regions well known for persecuting non-Muslims and containing violent jihadists who proclaimed Europe as their next Syria was sheer lunacy, even before Paris.  This type of policy was just as ludicrous two months ago as it is today.
             Merkel, Juncker, etc. have staked their entire reputations on this. They are not about to allow some small group of backward serfs (their thinking not mine) from Eastern Europe spoil their visions of grandeur of saving mankind.  It’s all about their values and their legacy, but what type of values risk the security of your own people in the name of “humanity”.
             The opposition to Merkel has come primarily from the Visegrad4 nations of Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland.  Others, such as Slovenia, are also increasingly challenging the EU.  Despite claims by the media that they are taking advantage of Paris to oppose Merkel’s refugee redistribution plan, the V4 have the same position today as they did months ago:

1.  secure the border to stop the endless flow
2.  confront the smugglers
3.  detain those undocumented migrants instead of allowing unknowns to roam Europe
4.  set up hotspots outside the EU borders to register those who qualify as refugees and deport those who have no business in Europe.
5.  freedom to choose just who and how many they decide upon to enter their countries.

          Viktor Orban and Co. exercised authority to control events and now have peace, order and security in their streets.  Merkel, Greece, Sweden, etc., on the other hand, chose to allow themselves and their people to become captive to the actions of the masses.  The result being chaos, violence, and a sense that they are losing their “way of life” and culture.
            Merkel, Juncker and Co. have one card left to play.    They are overwhelmed, yet too weak to control their borders or to insist on limits or any type of inconvenience for the refugees.  There will be a showdown, one last stand by Merkel, and she will utilize all of her economic might to force Eastern Europe and the Visegrad4 into something they do not wish…..a permanent and endless refugee redistribution scheme that will force them to accept a vision that Merkel claimed utterly failed in Germany in 2010….multiculturalism.
             The problem:  Orban and the Visegrad4 have seen the results of this multiculturalism in Western Europe and they do not wish for this type of lifestyle, and who could blame them.

             It all comes down to this final match, a battle that Merkel cannot win.  Either she finally accepts the responsibility of securing the border and stopping the inflow or the EU will split into an East and West division.  For Eastern Europeans, what is the “value” of saving the EU if you lose your soul, your culture, and “your way of life”.

Game On! Stay Strong V4!