V4 Report Part Three : Harmonizing Welfare Benefits to Migrants and EU Solidarity Bribes.

V4 Report Part Three :  Harmonizing Welfare Benefits to Migrants and EU Solidarity Bribes.

* Part Three: Harmonizing Welfare Benefits to Migrants and EU Solidarity Bribes.

** On September 13, the V4 Report wrote:

– Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that social benefits for asylum seekers in Germany were “quite high” and needed be “harmonized” across Europe.

We warned of this scheme several months ago on these pages when a former associate of the Soros Network/Latvia, Nils Muiznieks – now an EU Commissioner – first proposed harmonizing “upwards” the benefits paid to migrants.

The proposal to level the welfare payments to migrants would terminate the migration policies of each nation state. In essence, the Czech Republic and others would be forced to pay the same rich benefits as Germany and Sweden. Obviously, this was designed to try to keep the “asylum seekers” from “migrating” to rich states like Germany. It was quite embarrassing to Brussels that so-called “war refugees” were fleeing safe Baltic and CEE countries for the “golden paradise” of Germany and Sweden.

– Angela Merkel and the EU realize that very few countries want the aggressive migrants. Their quota scheme met stiff resistance and failed miserably. As a result, they are trying to reward countries for accepting migrants and punish those that do not. During the Malta presidency, they proposed using EU funds to pay a country 60,000 euros for every migrant they received above their allocated quota. In return, each country would be fined 60,000 for every migrant below their allocated quota.

EU Solidarity (Merkel’s diktats) now includes bribing member states to accept euros for migrants. How “low” can the EU Project go? Any leader who accepts “euros for migrants” should be vigorously protested in the streets and forced to resign in disgrace.

*** Angela Merkel claimed it was important to show solidarity in dealing with the migration crisis because otherwise there would be no solidarity on other issues in the EU and “that would be bitter for the cohesion of Europe.”

Angela, do you realize trying to force migrant quotas on others is poisoning and dividing Europe? It is the arrogance of Brussels regarding migration that is “bitter for the cohesion of Europe.”

Angela Merkel wants to redesign Europe in her own image.