PM Robert Fico sells Slovakia’s Soul for EU Gold; Juncker “breaks” Fico on EU Migrant Quotas.

PM Robert Fico sells Slovakia’s Soul for EU Gold; Juncker “breaks” Fico on EU Migrant Quotas.

August 2, 2017

* Slovakia: PM Robert Fico pledges to accept 60 migrants from Greece and Italy. Chancellor Christian Kern of Austria commits as well.

– Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos was quite giddy about the decisions of Slovakia and Austria :

“We would like to hail the attitudes of Slovakia and Austria, which have only recently pledged to act in the spirit of commitments and responsibility toward other member states,” said Avramopoulos as cited by the SITA newswire.

– On Monday, RTVS reported that Slovakia is the only Visegrad Group (V4) country not facing legal proceedings over the failure to accept migrants. Slovakia’s PM Robert Fico reiterated that Slovakia still rejects the quotas, but explained that this was not a new commitment, but a voluntarily one adopted from the past. Sure thing, Robert. ?

– It then gets somewhat complex. Michaela Paulenová from the Interior Ministry added that of these relocations, 16 migrants (all women and children) had already arrived in Slovakia. Out of this number, nine are still in Slovakia, while the other seven managed to “escape”. Escaped to where? Who helped them “escape”? We did not realize Slovakia was at war.

– The V4 Report has always been against the mayhem of open-borders and relocation quotas, believing they lure more migrants, delay the necessary action to secure the borders and expose Europeans to great risks. There is a responsibility to help the true war refugees, but we believe the most efficient way for all is to assist them closer to their homes.

– One can disagree with Fico’s decisions, however, Slovakia is a free nation. If the leaders of Slovakia freely decide on their own to accept a certain number of migrants, this is their choice. (With that choice comes the responsibility not to allow the migrants to “escape” to other nations). Likewise, we believe that Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic – as sovereign nations – certainly have that same freedom to reject the migrants based on their national security interests.

– We do not know what was discussed between the ex-communist Fico and the EU behind closed doors, but volunteering – without blackmail, deals or threats – to accept true war refugees is not something we can control or oppose. If Robert Fico believes this is the best way to help qualified refugees without exposing the safety of his citizens, then this is Slovakia’s choice.

Keeping the migrants from “escaping”, however, is the duty of the Slovakian government to all in Visegrad and Europe. Robert Fico must remember that he has neighbors and a responsibility to control his own borders. If Fico invites them, he must take the responsibility to keep them within his own borders.

** Additional thoughts after original article are below.

– If a country wants to help true war refugees, we suggest they avoid the camps in Italy and Greece and go straight to camps or charities outside of Europe to carefully and selectively choose themselves. We believe accepting migrants from an EU program and camps inside of Europe will only encourage more illegal crossings. Plus, we think EU migrant quotas delay or imperil the necessity of sealing the border and implementing a robust deportation operation.

– We believe Fico is sending the wrong message and “cutting the legs” off his V4 partners. The EU is trying to break the unity of the V4 and isolate both Hungary and Poland. Fico needs to realize the allure of “EU Solidarity” is a quick sand that will swallow Slovakia whole; just ask Sweden and Austria. Fico needs to stand with those who have stood with him (V4), not the bureaucrats in Brussels who will soon be back for more multicult demands from Slovakia.

– The “refugees” are obviously using Slovakia as a vehicle to go elsewhere. They did this in the Czech Republic earlier, but to their credit, the Czech govt. then abruptly ended the program. Fico should have told the EU that he tried to help, but half of the migrants have left and he will not allow Slovakia to be a part of the “game” played between the migrants and activist traffickers in Europe.

– The Czech Republic should meet with Fico to discuss his plans to prevent the new migrants from “escaping” to Germany. After all, how does a “refugee” migrate from Slovakia to Germany?