Poland assisting war refugees where it counts…in their own countries.

Poland assisting war refugees where it counts…in their own countries.

Poland assisting war refugees where it counts…in their own countries.

This has been the strategy of Visegrad: Offering assistance and funding to organizations which help the refugees in their homelands or close to them.

Assisting true war refugees closer to their homes can help a greater number of refugees and is often the most efficient, productive and humane way to help those in need.

More importantly, it’s also the best way to protect Europeans from roaming, aggressive male migrants and the human smuggling cartels.

– Poland’s minister for humanitarian aid visited refugee camps, educational facilities and orphanages operated by Polish NGOs in war-ravaged Iraq.

Kempa’s trip also included visits to sites covered by Polish-funded aid projects across Iraqi Kurdistan.

Among other projects, the Polish government has funded 500 makeshift houses in the area and helped build facilities such as doctors’ offices, workshops and grocery stores.

Some other examples that V4Report.com cited before:

– A Syrian Bishop personally thanked Poland for its support and successful projects, adding “The Polish government is the only one that helps us to stay in Syria.”

– Hungary is assisting refugees in Iraq and Nigeria, where the government helped with the reconstruction of four schools and one hospital in Nigeria’s Maiduguri diocese.

– The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to some 80,000 refugees. Last year the Czech government sent 40 million crowns to Jordan to finance housing units for some 2,000 refugees. Aid money earmarked this year is being used for the camps electrification and Czech doctors are performing life-saving surgeries.

Radio Prague quotes one of the doctors in charge: “Previously patients were flown to the Czech Republic on a special plane and were given treatment there for three to four months. So we could only help a relatively small amount of people. Now for the same amount of money we are able to treat many more.”

* Relocation and resettlement endeavors have been a disaster for the West EU bloc. Perhaps they can learn some lessons from Visegrad regarding the best methods to assist refugees while defending the well-being of Europeans.