Poland does not wait for Frontex to defend border. 🤢😉

Poland does not wait for Frontex to defend border. 🤢😉
Poland does not wait for Frontex to defend border. 🤢😉
The desperate opposition in Poland actually complained about this (it wants EU non-stop)…but the ruling party (PiS) took decisive action by declaring an emergency…and Poland used its own manpower to pushback illegals.
This is how it is done. It’s not that hard, unless the agency is called Frontex, which is a total waste…at best. Frontex left Hungary earlier due to the pushbacks, but Hungary is better off without the EU agency.
– Some of these quotes in the linked article are priceless, while also reminding people how pathetic the Polish opposition is. 🤦‍♂️
1. The opposition even complained that the ruling party was blocking the media activists from reporting on how border guards were responding to illegals trying to cross the frontier.
Exactly, one can use their own imagination!
👍 🙌 💪
The ruling party explained that by barring outsiders from entering the area that there would be less of a chance of any “provocative” activity by foreign agents.
2. “Our services have identified 46 planes from Baghdad to Minsk … that is around 10,000 residents of Iraq,” said Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński, calling for preventive measures to avoid a “great migration crisis.”
The difference between Frontex and Polish troops (both observe) is that the Poles act upon what they see to prevent entry (no asylum process).
3. The opposition – which seems to be divorced from reality – actually wanted to wait for Frontex: “There is no justification of the state of emergency on the basis of constitutional conditions,” argued Tomasz Siemoniak, a former defense minister and MP with the Civic Platform opposition party.
The opposition continued, whining that the ruling party had not called on help from Frontex, the EU’s border agency, which is headquartered right in Warsaw. 😂🙄
Kamiński said the opposition’s suggestion to enlist EU help was “an expression of [its] incompetence.”
Polish Border Guard spokesperson Anna Michalska said: “If we will need assistance from Frontex, we will certainly ask.”
“Poland has no shortage of staff and is well equipped to defend its border on its own,” said Marek Świerczyński, head of the security desk at Polityka Insight, a think tank in Warsaw. “But there could, unfortunately, be a political reason too — the Polish government may not want European institutions watching its hands.”
Correct…but it’s not unfortunate at all. Poland has seen the results of ‘EU supervision’ and planning in other West EU states, and wants no part of this negative influence at their border.
Imagine if Tusk’s opposition was in power?