Poland opts out of 2050 EU climate deal after standoff in Brussels.

Poland opts out of 2050 EU climate deal after standoff in Brussels.

Poland opts out of 2050 EU climate deal after standoff in Brussels.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the negotiations had been “very difficult” and added, “Poland will be reaching climate neutrality at its own pace.”

Good for Poland, at its own pace…not the Commissions.

* Ursula von der Leyen’s and Frans Timmermans’ “man on the moon moment” makes for great theatre (look how great we are) but it’s a bit of a stretch to take credit today for a future promise 30 years from now.

This is rather interesting, especially given the goal’s time frame, which is 2050. The EU may not even be around; if it is, the EU will look much different (could be much smaller) and it will have had six different Commissions and who knows how many different budgets during that span.

In addition, the EU is a very small part of the world and cannot control what goes on in the US, Brazil, Australia, China or India. The EU may try to claim that they are leading by example, but – beyond Brussels – few take the EU as seriously as they take themselves. The bloc is dwindling in influence, both politically and economically. During the next century, 90% of the world’s growth will occur outside the bloc.

But if the EU can try to claim world cups and gold medals…why not create “man on the moon” moments if it makes them feel important. 😉

– The EU left Poland out of a 2050 climate neutrality agreement on Friday after hours of summit haggling with three Central European nation states that demanded more funds for economic transition and support for nuclear power, the Reuters news agency reports.

The Czech Republic and Hungary eventually dropped their resistance after winning a guarantee that nuclear energy would be recognised as a way for EU states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But Poland remained against.

The tussle came a day after Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen proposed a 100-billion-euro ($110 billion) investment plan for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, declaring it Europe’s “man on the moon moment”. 😂

Von der Leyen said the Brussels summit deal, reached by 27 national EU leaders (Britain voted by proxy? 😂) was enough for the commission to start rolling out concrete climate legislative proposals for the bloc next year based on the 2050 goal.

“We acknowledge that the transition is a big one for Poland,” she said. “It needs more time to go through the details, but this will not change the time frame … for the commission.”

“The Commission” has a five year term. 🤔