In Poland, it’s Poles who decide about Poland, not EU Clerk Frans Timmermans.

In Poland, it’s Poles who decide about Poland, not EU Clerk Frans Timmermans.

* Poland. EU Clerk Frans Timmermans and the “usual suspects” of the European Parliament attack Poland over the rule of law. However, “In Poland, it’s Poles who decide about Poland.”

“The Commission is of the opinion that these laws do create a threat to the rule of law in Poland… The commission is not alone in its opinion on that,” Timmermans told a meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on Monday.

Indeed, Frans is not alone. Many international NGOs and “think tanks” with operations in Poland are trying to destabilize the current government. A few months ago, the extremist Guy Verhofstadt of the liberal ALDE group in Brussels basically called for “regime change” (albeit peacefully) in Poland. Timmermans and the leaders of Brussels and Berlin prefer “obedient” governments – similar to the feminists in Sweden.

Poland is not Sweden; they will defend their people and sovereignty. Jadwiga Wiśniewska, a MEP from the Law and Justice party, told the committee: “The total, lying, vile opposition [in Poland] is building a false picture of Poland in your eyes.” She added: “The current government has a majority in the Polish parliament… we are currently carrying out our electoral promises. In Poland, it’s Poles who decide about Poland.

Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, a PiS MEP, said: “The rule of law is doing very well in Poland. Democracy is flourishing.”

Timmermans warned in July that the EU’s executive arm was close to triggering the bloc’s Article 7 against Poland, which could ultimately result in sanctions, if a contentious bill aiming to overhaul the country’s judicial system was passed.

Such penalties on Warsaw would have to be backed unanimously by EU member states, but Hungary has said it would not support sanctions.

This is not the first time Hungary has made a lonely but important decision. In the fall of 2015, Viktor Orban stood up to challenge Angela Merkel’s migration manifesto. Today, it is Orban’s view on migration that is prevailing across Europe and many in the EU now admit Visegrad was correct.

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