Poland reports record number of illegals at Belarusian border over weekend.

Poland reports record number of illegals at Belarusian border over weekend.
Poland reports record number of illegals at Belarusian border over weekend.
The government must focus energies on preventing entry…apprehending after entry becomes complicated (not that it has to but…).
– The Polish Border Guard said in a statement on Monday it had detained 349 illegal migrants crossing the Belarus border since Friday. It said the migrants were probably from Iraq and Afghanistan.
* And all probably under 18 years of age…
OK, all knew this was coming and it’s great that the Polish border guard caught them. However, this is only the first step in the battle of wills. What happens next is critical and could determine if this escalates even further.
If the illegals are allowed to stay, this would defeat the purpose of detaining the illegals. For example, Lithuania reacted too slowly and at first made the mistake of granting entry, figuring it could deport later.
But deportations are not a guarantee and Lithuania finally realized this; hence, the announcement a few days ago by the government to prevent entry, even with force (not sure how else one can repel an advancing group of aggressive males without using some force).
Granting entry only encouraged more to come. Now, let’s see if Lithuania can reduce the numbers with the pushbacks. The V4 Report is confident that the pushbacks will yield positive results while sending the proper message.
As for Poland, it would be wise to immediately escort these illegals back to where they entered…or things may get out of control, as they did in Lithuania.
One cannot give an inch. The Hungarian model works, despite the criticism from the EU. European nation states must assert their right, without outside interference, to defend their borders as they see fit.
Quite frankly, we do not think the government of Poland will play any games here either. Once a precedent is set, it’s hard to reverse the tide.
The government of Poland knows what to do. The illegals cannot be allowed to stay…or the foreign leader of Belarus will continue to control events.
Waiting for the EU to ‘discuss’ this situation at a meeting nine days from now is not an option. They may decide to send some blankets and to increase Frontex ‘observation’. 🙄
Poland must act now…without EU consultation.