V4 Report: Poland Respond: Polish PM hands “white paper” on court reforms to EU officials.

V4 Report: Poland Respond: Polish PM hands “white paper” on court reforms to EU officials.

V4 Report: Poland Responds ??: Polish PM hands “white paper” on court reforms to EU officials.

Morawiecki said the document would also be forwarded to all EU member countries, which we believe will have much more of an impact compared to trying to convince the Commission – which probably has already drawn their own conclusions.

** The V4 Report is not sure anything would convince Brussels regarding this issue, especially since we believe they have targeted Poland for political reasons. We believe the key is to engage the other European nation states in a common sense dialogue based on the facts.

We do not believe Brussels is convinced they have the votes necessary to launch Article7. This would require the consent of four-fifths majority of member states in the EU Council. There are other states reluctant to set a precedent, given the chance that they could be the next targets for EU Inquisition.

The failure to acquire 80% “yes” votes from the member states (more so than Hungary’s veto) would be another major blow to the EU. They may be looking for a “way out” rather than suffering a loss of even more credibility. We shall soon find out.

*** Mateusz Morawiecki was speaking in Brussels after meeting European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker and deputy head Frans Timmermans – to whom he handed the new document, called the “White Paper on the Reform of the Polish Judiciary.”

Poland’s governing Law and Justice party has argued that sweeping changes are needed to what it claims is an inefficient and sometimes corrupt judicial system tainted by the communist past.

The white paper is a government document that provides comprehensive information on why Poland’s justice system needed to be reformed, Morawiecki told reporters in Brussels, “because all the random, fragmentary and partial information — I think everyone realises — is incomplete and does not offer a full picture of why these changes were necessary.”

He has previously said that the document was designed to provide “a legally sound, thorough analysis” of the Polish government’s “position towards all of [Brussels’] recommendations and reservations.”

At the end of last year the commission took the unprecedented step of triggering Article 7 of the EU Treaty against Poland, stepping up pressure on Warsaw over contested reforms to Poland’s courts by the country’s ruling conservatives.

According to the Polish Prime Minister’s Office, the government’s white paper says that there is no risk of the Supreme Court in Poland being subjected to political influence and that a dispute over the country’s Constitutional Tribunal has come to an end.

The document also says that Polish judges have strong guarantees of independence, the PAP news agency reported.