Poland sends troops to Belarus border to stop illegal migrants from entering.

Poland sends troops to Belarus border to stop illegal migrants from entering.
Poland sends troops to Belarus border to stop illegal migrants from entering.
This was in reaction to the government of Lithuania’s (and Latvia’s) positive new approach to pushbacks and to deny entry at the border, which greatly reduced the flow.
Now Poland, feeling the pressure, will naturally have to follow with pushbacks of their own. This is the way it is supposed to work…without new EU ‘reception centers’. 👌
“The border guard will not be admitting illegal immigrants to Poland,” said Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wąsik.
Meanwhile, the EPP’s chief charlatan, Donald Tusk, criticized the ruling party’s tough stance towards the illegals, many who are aggressive males from alien cultures.
– On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński said: “Poland defended itself against the wave of refugees in 2015 and now it will also defend itself,” commenting on the prospects of another wave of illegal Afghans.
Tusk, the former EU clerk and leader of Poland’s EPP opposition, once again showed his true colors by denouncing Gliński’s comments as “disgusting, grim propaganda aimed at migrants,” adding that “these are people who need help.”
Tusk is nothing more than an EU loyalist who wants to turn Poland into a submissive and lifeless German/EU colony.
But Wąsik offered Tusk a dose of reality, saying they were “men, mainly young, of conscription age, strong. Nothing indicates that they have anything to fear in their countries,” adding that they were trying to get into the EU “attracted by luxury, attracted by places where they can live, get benefits and not work.”
The deputy interior minister said that a tough approach to illegal migrants would deter future arrivals.
Deterring illegals is something Tusk failed to grasp during his disastrous terms in Brussels, as one of the top EU leaders during the migrant tsunami of 2015-16.
– Poland must react and must not grant entry; this would set a dangerous precedent, especially since Poland has become the latest target for illegals, most from Iraq but also from Syria and Afghanistan, after Lithuania toughened its policy and is now refusing entry.
** Donald Tusk has played a major role within the EU regarding its unwillingness to defend borders. Poland would be wise to reject Tusk and to send him back to where he belongs…surely his EPP buddies would be able to find a cushy post for the EU opportunist in Brussels.
Poland does not need any German bootlickers.