Poland: With its best results ever, Law and Justice (PiS) wins the EU Elections in convincing fashion.

Poland: With its best results ever, Law and Justice (PiS) wins the EU Elections in convincing fashion.

Poland: With its best results ever, Law and Justice (PiS) wins the EU Elections in convincing fashion.

Some activists in the media (Politico) were busy trying to manipulate opinions before the vote.

Politico predicted only 38% for the PiS; however they stunned the opposition with 45.6%. We see this pattern from Politico quite often, maybe Anne Applebaum is providing the talking points.

We knew the reporters at Politico were bottom-shelf, but they really discredited themselves after this election. But so did the Civic Platform of Donald Tusk, which desperately merged with a motley crew of extremists and malcontents to try to defeat the PiS. The results only revealed how weak the PO has become; they can no longer even run on their own but had to merge with five other parties. We believe their leader, Grzegorz Schetyna, will be forced to step down soon.

– PiS is heading towards its best result ever in a general or European Union election with 45.6% of votes. It won 31.8% in the EU ballot five years ago and 37.6% in the 2015 parliamentary election.

The opposition European Coalition (KE), comprising the Civic Platform formerly led by European Council President Donald Tusk and a host of leftist, socialists, Greens and even ex-communists, scored second with 38.4%. It was not what they, Manfred Weber (who openly campaigned against PiS), Guy Verhofstadt and the EU media had hoped for; they thought they would be closer.

** It was a big disappointment for a new “progressive party” set up by Poland’s first openly gay lawmaker, Robert Biedron, who has attacked the traditional values of Poland. We saw some polls predicting 10% for Spring Party but they could only muster 6%. Launched in February, Spring wants to sever any ties between the state and the Catholic Church in Poland, liberalize the nation’s strict abortion laws and phase out coal mining.

Poles sent Biedron a strong message. The LBGT fad may play well in Brussels…but not Poland.

*** Below is one sample of how Politico tries to manipulate elections. They wrote an article just days ago that claimed a “group made up of extremist parties could steal voters away from PiS and cause it to slip behind the opposition”.


However, this was more rubbish from Politico (they even unjustly slandered the new party) and did not prevent the PiS – despite the constant attacks from the media – from comfortably wining the election with better than expected results.

– If projections are confirmed by official results, the strong showing by PiS will bolster a growing chorus of nationalists in Europe who share the broad goal of returning power to EU member states and strict limits on immigration.