Polish government preparing ‘diplomatic offensive’ over Article 7.

Polish government preparing ‘diplomatic offensive’ over Article 7.

* Poland ??: Polish government preparing ‘diplomatic offensive’ over Article 7. Others CEE leaders may be wondering who will be the EU’s next target for “reprogramming”.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski has announced that the government plans to spend the next three months holding talks with EU countries in response to the triggering of Article 7 by the European Commission.

According to Morawiecki’s chief of staff, the prime minister will most likely go on a diplomatic tour of EU countries. On Wednesday, January 3, Morawiecki is scheduled to make a trip to Budapest to meet with Orban.

In addition, Waszczykowski said that Poland would try to talk with various EU member countries. The foreign minister highlighted Bulgaria ??, which will assume the rotating presidency of the EU in January, as one of the potential key players in discussions. According to him, a bilateral meeting could take place on January 15.

** We believe the direct consultation with the leaders of the nation states is a wise and prudent strategy. Many EU states only hear the propaganda and disinformation from a hostile international media, a desperate opposition and a vengeful Brussels. During these personal meetings, Poland will be able to defend their position, sovereignty and adherence to the rule of law without the “noise” of others seeking to destabilize the government.

In addition, there are many leaders of Europe uncomfortable with the aggressive actions of Brussels to interfere in the internal affairs of the nation states, whether it pertains to judicial reform or migrant quotas. There is absolutely no appetite in Central Europe for an all-powerful “federal Europe” or attempts by Brussels to redefine the culture of the region.

What will be the next issue and who will be the next target of Brussels?

*** Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is also scheduled to speak with Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission on January 9.

Morawiecki said: “The best medicine is usually dialogue. We want to conduct this dialogue… We want to explain to our [European] partners why our reforms of the justice system are necessary.”

Morawiecki added: “I expect that we will be able to reach common ground, at least when it comes to understanding each other’s positions. I am a moderate optimist about this.”

Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party has said sweeping changes are needed to reform an inefficient and sometimes corrupt judicial system tainted by the communist past, accusing judges of being an elite, self-serving clique often out of touch with the problems of ordinary citizens.

**** While communication is wise, we have our doubts regarding the openness of Brussels. Instead, we believe the best strategy is to continue to consult with the leaders of the European nation states.

Brussels is looking for “submission” and to expand their power and control over the EU “member states”. Ultimately, it will be up to the leaders of the European “nation states” to stop them. The time is now.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. ??