Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo slams an “arrogant” Emmanuel Macron after the French president questions the “values” of Poland.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo slams an “arrogant” Emmanuel Macron after the French president questions the “values” of Poland.

August 27, 2017

* Poland answers the bell again for Central Europe. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo slams an “arrogant” Emmanuel Macron after the French president questions the “values” of Poland.

While Macron’s fit was seen as “small and crass” (the typical style for a New Age man of Brussels), Szydlo answered him with confidence and strength:

“I advise the president that he should be more conciliatory … Perhaps his arrogant comments are a result of a lack of [political] experience,” Szydlo said in a statement.

“I advise the president that he should focus on the affairs of his own country, perhaps he may be able to achieve the same economic results and the same level of security for (French) citizens as those guaranteed by Poland,” Szydlo added, in an apparent swipe at France’s persistent security concerns following a series of terror attacks.

– We would like to remind Mr. Macron that it is his country that is incapable of protecting its own people and controlling its own streets. The leaders of France have proven impotent at dealing with the Islamic extremists who have forced France into a state of emergency since 2015 due to the ongoing terror attacks. What type of “values” sacrifice French citizens at the altar of political correctness? As Viktor Orban said of the EU’s multicult experiment, “Good luck, but no thanks.”

– France and the leaders of EU Core are not the model for Europe. In fact, they offer historical lessons on the mistakes to be avoided: open-borders, mass Muslim migration and rabid multiculturalism. Macron is obviously trying to impress Chancellor Merkel in Berlin, but his childish antics reveal the bitterness of an insecure leader who may be trying to distract his citizens from the deep problems strangling France.

– Macron may be able to “charm” listless EU socialists, such as Christian Kern, Bohuslav Sobotka and Robert Fico, but he is not in the same league as Viktor Orban or Beata Szydlo. Both Poland and Hungary previously pushed him back hard, which is one of the reasons why he chose “softer” targets this time around.

– However, there is a much greater strategy being played out in these odious attacks on both Poland and Hungary. The leaders of Germany, France and Brussels have two targets:

1). They seek “to break” the V4 by trying to isolate its two strongest members. This “divide and conquer” policy was employed in the past by the communists.

2). They are determined to dismantle the efforts of Poland to build a strong regional alliance via the Three Seas Initiative. Officials in Berlin have openly admitted that this Initiative could weaken Germany’s influence over Central Europe.

As one of our astute readers pointed out, new transport roads and railroads between Poland and Croatia are supposed to go through Slovakia. The leaders of Berlin and Brussels, desperate to keep control, want to sabotage the Three Seas by separating Poland from Hungary, Romania and Croatia. Angela Merkel may look feeble, but Berlin plays a very devious game and they know what they are doing.

– The EU is not seeking “solidarity” with the European nation states, but domination over EU “member states.” While they do not have the strength or will to secure the external border, they will utilize any method to retain their seats of power.

The V4 and CEE states must not be lured into the black hole of EU Core. Europe is much more than the EU. The future of Central Europe is with the V4 and Three Seas Initiative. True freedom, prosperity and security can only be accomplished by controlling one’s own destiny.

Onward V4! Fight on, this is a long-term battle. Send Macron back home to his hollow EU Core and build your own Three Seas foundation.

Game On!