Priti Patel to help ‘refugees’ fleeing war zones get into the UK.

Priti Patel to help ‘refugees’ fleeing war zones get into the UK.

UK: The same trap of 2015

Priti Patel to help ‘refugees’ fleeing war zones get into the UK.

This is no longer feasible, given the results of mass migration over the last several years.

Will she do this while the UK has shown no signs of controlling illegal migration or deporting illegals out of the country in any meaningful way? Does she have the borders sealed first before inviting additional migrants?

There is a huge problem with this type of emotional thinking and it’s just not the UK, but the EU as well.

It’s not that we do not believe in helping true refugees fleeing war zones, but a country first has to prove that it has its borders under control. The UK does not.

This proposal reminds me of the EU schemes to relocate migrants straight from Turkey while boatloads of illegals crossed into the EU from Turkey and elsewhere.

At some point, the UK and others have to take a stand to send a message to the international community: There will be no direct transfers of refugees to Europe until borders are sealed and the huge backlog of illegals are deported out of Europe.
Unless this happens, this proposal will just add fuel to the demographic fire consuming Europe.

Patel has it backward. These proposals are ludicrous unless one first gains full control of its borders and the ability to deport illegals they reject.

Even then, a country must think about the cultural problems (think France, Sweden, etc) associated with large amounts of migrants from alien cultures, and if it would not be more efficient to help organizations support the refugees in the regions they come from.
As Germany and the Netherlands are finding out the hard way, temporary protection turns into permanent support; it is not easy to send the refugees back once the war ends. Really, Europe can’t even send back the illegals or economic migrants.

Better to think twice from a critical standpoint.