Pro-migration pimps in Washington attack Greece regarding pushbacks.

Pro-migration pimps in Washington attack Greece regarding pushbacks.

Pro-migration pimps in Washington attack Greece regarding pushbacks.

The pro-migration lobbies are vast and they must be exposed and defied at every level, including the UN and Council of Europe (a swamp of Soros disciples).

What is the purpose of belonging to this Council of Europe (one example) just because some past government from decades ago decided to join? It’s a different era and environment compared to 70 years ago.

Time to rethink and reassess all global commitments from decades ago!

A Washington-based Syrian rights group (Mohammad Al-Abdallah is the group’s executive director) filed a case with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Thursday, calling for an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity by Greece for its mistreatment of illegal migrants.

Crimes against humanity? Next, these freaks will declare borders as a crime.

Its main goal is to destroy the sovereignty of the nation-state and to prevent one from defending its own borders.

Although this case is going nowhere today, it is another clear example of the agenda of the globalists and promoters of the world government. One must not give them an inch.

In addition, how is this group raising money? Who is behind its funding and what is their agenda? Certainly, they don’t give a damn about Greeks.

In reality, international organizations talk loud but carry little sticks. Unless there are worldwide outrage and overwhelming support for punishment – which is clearly lacking regarding this issue – there is little they can do as far as enforcement.

Too many others, who also realize they could be next on the list at any time, do not believe pushbacks are a crime.

Some claim “pushback” incidents are considered contrary to international refugee protection agreements, which say people shouldn’t be expelled or returned to a country where their life and safety may be in danger.

Turkey is a safe country and they are illegals trying to force their way into Greece…not refugees.

Keep pushing back and tell the Frontex spies to take a hike out of the country; national security comes first.

Let the EU Frontex troops patrol Germany.