Promoting the EU “way of life”.

Promoting the EU “way of life”.

Promoting the EU “way of life”.

The migrants are not going back; the EU has no will or desire to deport illegals outside of Europe.

If it did, this invasion would not have persisted for five years. Unfortunately, as former EU Migration Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos predicted, “Europe’s migrants are here to stay”.

They are succeeding in overwhelming Europe into submission.

* Why do some rationalize that the EU can change, or that the VDL Commission represents a “new beginning”? There is absolutely no evidence of this. We just don’t see any light at the end of the EU tunnel.

At some point, the Visegrad and CEE states must start asking some serious questions. Does the EU represent the type of values and beliefs worthy to pass on to the next generations? Does one like what they see at the EU Core of Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium or the Netherlands?

How long can these states avoid the same fate as the West EU bloc while mere “satellite states” of a multicult project designed to serve the interests of Germany, France and Benelux?

Take a good look at what is happening inside the EU; eventually, it will overwhelm all unless one exits this global monstrosity out to destroy the very concept of the European nation state, it’s culture and its “way of life”.

– One example of the storm brewing: The migrants at a ‘ski lodge’ at Vasilitsa now say they are bored with nothing to do. The facility, which was about to shut down during Greece’s economic crisis, currently hosts 116 “asylum-seekers” from Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Syria.

In November, another group of asylum-seekers were taken to an abandoned Orthodox monastery in the southern Peloponnese peninsula.

Within moments, most of them said “no good” and asked to be relocated elsewhere.

What is with this type of attitude, that somehow Europe owes them? But the migrants just keep coming; they realize that there is little resistance and once in the EU, there is little chance that they will be sent home.

What are these migrants doing in Europe? What is the purpose of all this? Idle aggressive males from alien cultures? This is not what Europe needs; it is pure insanity, yet there is no end in sight as long as the generous benefits are available.

* The UK has its own issues with multicult and decades of mass migration; even Brexit may be too late, but at least it is trying to reclaim its honor, independence and ability to determine its own fate. They no longer wish to beg like dogs to Brussels.

There is something to admire about this…not settling for the mediocrity of ‘member state’ status because “everybody else is in the EU”. This type of Group Think is one of the biggest threats to freedom. Too many MEPs are feeding off the system, thus they have little appetite to leave. This is the problem when Brussels keeps expanding its scope and powers. ‘What’s in it for me’?

The EU holds on because of threats, as if no state or country could survive and prosper outside the bloc. This is pure malarkey and typical of oppressive regimes. In reality, Germany and the West EU bloc have little leverage and have no other choice but to trade and do business with Central Europe, whether in or outside the bloc.

Time is short. The longer a state remains linked to the Brussels network, the harder it becomes to break the chains of dependency, especially if one surrenders its currency for the ‘safety net’ 😂 of Berlin’s Euro.

How does one envision the EU five-ten years from now? More importantly, how does one feel about the culture of Islam and its affect on Europe’s next generations?

The EU is not changing but hopefully it can get much smaller. Congratulations Brexit, we can only hope it provides a spark for others to exit Germany’s playpen.

The sky will not fall without the EU.