Put me on trial, Italy’s Salvini says in migrant boat case.

Put me on trial, Italy’s Salvini says in migrant boat case.

Put me on trial, Italy’s Salvini says in migrant boat case.

Salvini was not only defending Italy, but all of Europe. Now his opponents, who cannot defeat him at the ballot box, want to use the courts to prevent him from holding office.

The stakes are high. Without Salvini, the anti-migration forces would be weakened, which is exactly the strategy of Brussels.

– Salvini has denounced moves to put him on trial over the incident last July in which he refused to let 131 migrants disembark from a coastguard vessel until other EU states agreed to take them in.

A special Senate committee is due to vote on Monday on whether to accept a request by a special tribunal to put him on trial, a step that is required by law in cases involving former ministers.

Salvini says he is being targeted for doing his duty as a minister to protect the country.

“I say this to those senators who have to decide whether to send me to trial or not, I ask you formally, send me to trial, send me to trial because the Italian people will be on trial with me,” he told a rally in the town of Maranello.

“And if I have to go to jail for defending an idea, I’ll go with my head held high.”

* Salvini was a threat to the establishment and thus has been vilified and slandered. One could see this coming after the EU parties blackballed him at the Summit.

We just thought Salvini would have gotten more support from others who used his vision on migration while campaigning (Where is Babis of CZ or Kurz of Austria). Without Salvini in Italy, Germany and France will be calling the shots.