Recep Erdoğan: NATO’s ‘problem child’. Tensions building between Greece and Turkey.

Recep Erdoğan:  NATO’s ‘problem child’.  Tensions building between Greece and Turkey.

Recep Erdoğan: NATO’s ‘problem child’. Tensions building between Greece and Turkey.

More reasons to veto any attempt by Brussels to offer visa-free travel or EU membership to the Islamic state of Turkey.

* What to do with a desperate and unbalanced regime in Turkey that threatens Greece, transports and then assists violent migrants at the Greek border and supports Islamic terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood extremists from Syria to Libya?

For one, any treaty is flawed that does not provide a methodology and process to conduct periodic reviews (say every ten years) of its members to determine if they are still worthy. Turkey became a member in 1952…that’s 68 years ago. Things change and NATO needs to be more accountable by developing a clause for expulsion.

** Some NATO ally? In 2019, Turkish war planes violated Greece’s airspace 4,811 times and Ankara redrew the maritime borders of the Eastern Mediterranean on a new map with the Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya. The new map claimed large swathes of Greece’s maritime space.

And yet NATO has not condemned or punished Turkey for any of its hostile actions against Greece. In fact, NATO, like Brussels, seems reluctant to upset the Muslim state.

– Tensions erupted between the Greek and Turkish Foreign Ministers during a NATO meeting on Thursday. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu reiterated some of the fake news that his country’s media and leaders have been spreading about Greece during the migration crisis that Turkey unleashed in March.

Ankara claimed that Greek border forces tortured and killed illegal immigrants, something that Turkey attempted to disseminate to international media to discredit Greece with little effect or success. (Greek City Times has already debunked the Turkish fake news industry related to the migration crisis.)

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias took the floor during the online NATO conference to inform the alliance that Greece faced an orchestrated and unprecedented attack on its border and a disinformation campaign from Turkey. He said the methods used by Turkey violated the supposed values ​​of NATO.

*** However, maybe NATO should also remember its mission, which was designed for the defense of Europe. NATO only discredits itself when it ventures into affairs beyond its scope. It was not meant to intervene or to engage in regime-change disasters, such as the foolish 2011 adventure that destabilized Libya (the massive blowback still being felt today).