A Recipe for Disaster: Over 5,000 migrants missing in Finland. One of the many problems with Open Borders

A Recipe for Disaster:  Over 5,000 migrants missing in Finland. One of the many problems with Open Borders

July 10, 2017

*Finland: Over 5,000 migrants “missing” from so-called reception centers. Unknown male migrants “roaming” Europe a recipe for disaster.

– One of the many problems associated with “Open Borders”. Germany and Sweden have also lost track of a large percentage, and who knows what’s going on in Italy or Greece. The migrants are overwhelmingly aggressive males from violent cultures. Europe has no idea who these people are or their backgrounds. We find this highly abnormal that the leaders of Western Europe would expose their citizens to this type of danger.

– We have seen the many dangers of “roaming migrants”. It is a recipe for disaster. In Sweden, a denied asylum seeker was “asked” to leave the country, but he did not and later committed an act of terror. Common sense and a little bit of critical thinking would secure the border first before granting entry. Instead, some leaders of Europe granted open entry with the naive thought that the migrants would just go home after being politely asked to leave. This is not reality.

– The only solution now is to seal the border, pull back the migrants to Africa and begin the implementation of a mass deportation policy of the illegal migrants in Europe now. This is the hard reality of fixing the thoughtless policy of “open entry”. It will not be easy, but it can be done. President Eisenhower quickly deported over a million illegal migrants back to Mexico utilizing 750 federal agents. Unfortunately, the leaders of Italy and the EU lack the will and strength of Eisenhower.

Something has to change; this is not sustainable. We think it’s time for the Italians to be given a choice with new elections. Their current government has surrendered. In addition, there must be a mechanism for the nation states to debate the merits of retaining or dismissing the current group of commissioners in Brussels. Many are failing Europe. There must be a method to remove rogue Commissioners who are exposing Europe, while pursuing the agenda of open-border “philanthropists”.

It’s time to “rock the boat” in Brussels. Onward V4!