“Quota Queen” Angela Merkel must be defied on migration

“Quota Queen” Angela Merkel must be defied on migration

       Angela Merkel continues to be a disaster.  She has made a big mistake and Germany will pay the price in both economic and human costs.  It will only get worse and she has no plan or stomach to stop the wave.  Contrary to her rhetoric on deporting those who do not belong in Europe, it is almost impossible to deport a migrant once they have entered Germany.  They are here and they are not going back unless they are forced, and they have an army of high minded attorneys who know how to get around the system.  The EU does not have the courage to deport.

        The question:  Will Central Europe allow Germany, which is the EU, to export those migrants they do not want to their countries?  I say “allow” because the leaders of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland etc do not have to comply with the EU diktat.  What can a weak and feeble EU do about it?  Fine them?  Refuse to pay.  Send in the German army to force them to comply?  This will not happen.  The Germans have no plan to stop this, they will just introduce quota plan after quota plan.  It is up to the Visegrad 4 to lead and reject this absurdity.

          The Visegrad 4 holds the cards, they must call Merkel’s bluff.  It is their moral duty to protect their citizens from the multicultural mayhem in Germany and France.  Some of the migrants are demanding, violent and disrespectful.  While Germany may tolerate this, Central Europe cannot.  The Czech Republic and others survived before the EU.   They did not elect Merkel and they cannot remove her from office.  She will continue to try to force them to do as she wants.  Two honorable things need to be done.

1.  This is Merkel’s experiment, not the Czech republics.  She needs to call for new elections for a referendum on her actions.  She owes it to her people, she is gambling with their future.  It is up to the Germans to choose whether to follow her vision or to reject it.

2.  The Visegrad 4 leaders cannot just say “we did our best and voted against quotas, but lost”.  This is the easy way out.  They cannot comply with quotas; they must protect their people and borders.  They must tell Germany that they will defy her if they continue to meddle in the security of their countries.  They need to be prepared to form their own Union.

  Be bold, Visegrad, control your own destiny!  You are Europe’s future.