Refugees and Multiculturalism…. and the Blowback in France, Germany and Belgium

Refugees and Multiculturalism…. and the Blowback in France, Germany and Belgium

{Update to original post: Recently, we have witnessed numerous acts of terror in Western Europe – including London, Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany. However, it is not only the acts of terror that have put Europe on the edge. There have been many sexual assaults and rapes committed by the migrants and recent immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. The most visible and shocking were the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany on NYE 2016; but, there have been many more.

 These were predictable and many warned Angela Merkel of adding some two million new Muslim migrants to a continent where multiculturalism had already clearly failed. Whether new migrants or older immigrants, the Muslim culture appears at odds with the values of Europe.  Challenge the EU “spin” about this not being about the “recent refugees”, and focus on how open borders, mass migration, multiculturalism, radicalization and “home-grown” terror all feed off one another. They are all linked, and mixed together, produce a recipe for disaster.}

Original Article:

There is quite the debate raging in Europe and in the US on refugees and terrorism.  The UN-Brussels “open border cabal” is trying to spin the issue around “don’t blame the refugees” for terrorism.  However, this is a false debate intended to distract from the real issue of “home-grown” terrorism:  failed multiculturalism and the mass migration from alien cultures.

The evidence seems overwhelming that the states of Western Europe – most notably France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium – have failed at their experiment in multiculturalism.  Muslims are not integrating because they refuse to accept a culture that is alien to them. They seek not to integrate, but to dominate. No EU member state with a large minority of Muslims has found success with assimilation.

Consider Belgium. Decades ago, they encouraged migrants from Morocco to immigrate to work in the steel mills and coal mines.  This first generation was not a big problem; they did not have the numbers of today and were generally appreciative of their opportunity. But as the numbers grew, the second and third generations rebelled against that culture. Today, we are witnessing the “blowback”.

Is it any wonder that the countries that house the largest Muslim populations in Western Europe are in lockdown mode; their citizens are uneasy about their futures and they feel their way of life slipping away.  It is the countries with the largest contingent of Muslim citizens (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Britain) that have a disproportionate number of “citizen jihadists” fighting for their cause in Syria.  Many, including the recent migrants, are vulnerable to “radicalization”.

This cannot be said of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and others in Central Europe.  They did not see the light of Muslim multiculturalism and – while wishing Western Europe “luck” – never embraced the idea. The V4 nation states, as a result, do not have these cultural wars in their streets.  They have maintained their culture, their security and their “way of life” (which, I can personally say, is priceless).  Nor are the citizens of the Czech Republic or Visegrad traveling to Syria for jihad or blowing up buses in their streets. Simply put, there are no cultural clashes in the lands of Visegrad.

Which begs the question:  How prudent is it to allow a limitless supply of young, illegal male migrants — without even knowing who they are first — to roam Europe at a time when many current Muslims in the West are not assimilating?  Look at the repercussions from the multicultural madness in France, Sweden, Germany and Belgium. The utter negligence and naivety to expose one’s citizens to this is shocking enough; yet, it is highly doubtful that the leaders in Brussels or Berlin will change their ways. Once flooded, it may already be too late.

The surrender of the external border and mass illegal migration, coupled with the presence of terrorists who wish to “blend in”, are real dangers that will pose an immediate security threat to Europe today. However, the real blowback and impact will be felt in the future, once the multiplication-radicalization effect takes its course. The EU’s multicultural manifesto and Angela Merkel’s “vision” exposed Western Europe to the violence of the “Sunni Streets”. If not stopped, it may eventually spill over to the V4 and CEE states.

Pontificating about “we can do it” and useless “Solidarity slogans” are no substitute for rational thought and common sense; for what type of “EU values” risk the security of its own people in the name of “humanity”?