Refugees victorious in landmark Serbia pushback ruling

Refugees victorious in landmark Serbia pushback ruling

What a story about pushbacks from Serbia to Bulgaria!
The illegal Afghans who were “happy” a judge found them a place in Serbia is now in Western Europe. 🤨🤦‍♂️

Serbia’s Constitutional Court ruled that border control officers unlawfully deported Afghan illegals to Bulgaria and violated their rights.
Meanwhile, the Afghans did not even stay in Serbia to apply for asylum, but ‘moved on’ to Western Europe instead.

Ahmadi, who spoke from Germany through an interpreter, said he clearly remembers when the judge asked them if they wanted to stay in Serbia. He said he was “happy they would finally have a place in the camp” after traveling through Turkey and Bulgaria.
Do these courts have any common sense?

Ahmadi wanted to stay in Serbia so much that he was granted asylum in Germany five months ago. So much for loving Serbia…Germany pays better.🤨

Not only did the Serbian government have to house them for their “happiness” in Serbia, but also had to pay the 17 illegals who brought the lawsuit 1,000 euros ($1,180) each in compensation….all so they could be granted asylum in Germany.

Who were they fleeing from in Serbia and Bulgaria?

Whether they admit it or not, the EU and others want the invasion to continue by making it virtually impossible to defend one’s borders. A country cannot defend its borders properly without pushbacks…and once in, there are more roadblocks preventing deportations out of Europe.

The judge, in this case, has to be embarrassed after he was duped into believing the illegals wanted to stay and apply for asylum in Serbia…or that after crossing several safe states that they were even ‘refugees’.

They found Germany very quickly…and will receive tax dollars from Serbia to celebrate.