“Reliable Friends” of Open Society Network feeling the heat in Brussels

“Reliable Friends” of Open Society Network feeling the heat in Brussels

* Nigel Farage takes to the floor of the EU Parliament to “call out” the “reliable friends” of the Open Society cabal operating in Brussels. “If we’re going to have a debate, and we’re going to talk about full political and financial transparency, well, let’s do it,” Farage added.

George Soros seems to be the “center of influence” in Brussels. The main problem is the power and scope of the government monstrosity in Brussels which enables groups like Open Society to expand its influence. It also attracts both the liberal extremist and the political opportunist. This is a dangerous mix which cannot be ignored.

** We have no doubt regarding the influence that the Open Society Foundation has over many EU Ministers. For instance, Frans Timmermans and Vera Jourova (Czech-ANO) have consistently attacked both Poland and Hungary over so-called “EU Core values”.

And Jourova’s values, besides self-promotion? We will once again post Jourova’s photo with George Soros from her Twitter feed with this quote: “Open Society values are at the heart of EU action”. It is quite evident who is pulling her strings.

Several weeks ago, we also posted the editorial written by George Soros in 2015 that outlines his “migration plan” for Europe. Many of the proposals emanating from the EU Parliament are very similar to his positions. We outlined the details and do not believe it is a coincidence.

*** The V4 Report has one question for our audience? Did George Soros influence these shallow EU opportunists or were they already open-border zealots who worshiped at the altar of multiculturalism?

Like the corrupt regimes of the past, we believe it is a combination of both. Frans Timmermans and Nils Muiznieks are examples of the “true believers”; multicult extremists who are a natural fit for the Soros cartel. Vera Jourova fits the mold of a “political opportunist” who will gladly collaborate with wealthy philanthropists to further her career.

This combination is the reason why the European nation states must tame and trim the influence of Brussels. Unfortunately, there will always be a sinister Soros-type with loyal followers to manipulate others in the system.

We certainly believe the Open Society must be challenged and exposed in every corner. However, the main goal must focus on curtailing and diluting the power of Brussels, which has enabled Soros and others to push their agenda. In our opinion, the leaders of Brussels do not represent the “values” of Europe, but have amassed enough power to impose their will on many.

It will be up to the European nation states to take back their authority from Brussels. This is the battle that must be won.

~~ We encourage our readers to watch this video (approximately two minutes and thirty seconds) but have provided text of some key points as well. ~~

1. Farage said there were 42 meeting between Open Society and EU bureaucrats. These meetings between Open Society Foundation and the European Commission should be looked into after George Soros donated $18 billion to the think tank.

2. Mr Farage questioned whether Mr Soros has spent billions to influence the EU, in order to undermine the nation state and its borders: “Soros recently gave Open Society – his organisation, which campaigns for free movement of people and supports supranational structures like the European Union – $18 billion….His influence here and in Brussels is truly extraordinary.”

3. Mr Farage revealed a list of “reliable friends in the European Parliament” published in a book by Open Society. The list contained the names of 226 people connected to the Brussels network.