Remember Angela Merkel’s EU deal with Turkey…the so-called “1:1” swap?

Remember Angela Merkel’s EU deal with Turkey…the so-called “1:1” swap?

Remember Angela Merkel’s EU deal with Turkey…the so-called “1:1” swap?

For every Syrian entering Greece by sea via Turkey, one Syrian was to be sent back from the EU to Turkey. In addition, “all non-Syrian irregulars” were to be sent back to Turkey with no corresponding swap.

Since the deal was reached, more than 100,000 migrants have arrived from Turkey to Greece. Fewer than 2,000 have been returned.

That’s 50-1…and this is even a big understatement considering that many of the 2,000 deported were probably not Syrian (remember 1:1 only involved Syrians, not other illegals).

Another interesting twist: Greece’s new conservative government says it intends to step up pressure on Turkey. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says most of the people now coming to Greece have “the profile of economic migrants, not refugees” who merit protection.

First, all migrants entering Greece via Turkey (deemed a safe country) are illegal; they are not refugees.

Secondly, as much as we despise Erdogan, we are not sure one can place the blame on him for this issue. In truth, Erdogan was never given a choice to take back the illegals because the past government of Greece chose not to send them back in the first place.

We hope the new government starts deporting all the irregulars but so far they have just transferred the migrants to the mainland.

Not only would this be good for Greece, but it would also decrease the migrant pressure on Croatia and Slovenia.

In addition, it would answer Erdogan’s bluff and his constant propaganda about how much he cares for the migrants. Greece needs to send him an initial batch of 20-30,000 migrants as a down payment.

Then, the whole world can see just how much Erdogan cares for the “refugees”…or if he’s just been using them for his own political agenda.

It’s long overdue that Greece begins to take action on deporting “all irregulars”; as of today, they have failed at this task, which has not only destabilized Greece, but also exposed all of Europe to aggressive male migrants from alien cultures.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the government of Greece need to just “get on with it”…is this not what the EU is paying Erdogan for?