Reverse Redistribution? Iraqi refugees in Czech Republic caught migrating to Germany

Reverse Redistribution? Iraqi refugees in Czech Republic caught migrating to Germany

Angela Merkel has never believed in refugee limits, nor does she want to seal Europe’s external border.  She claims, “This is not my Europe.”  Besides the obvious fact that Merkel was elected only by Germany, she continues to have “delusions of grandeur” that she alone speaks for Europe.  She is in for a rude awakening; “her subjects” are in open revolt.

Merkel’s “European solution” to the migrant crisis has always been Open Borders/limitless refugees combined with a permanent, binding refugee redistribution scheme for all in the EU.  Thanks to the opposition of the Visegrad4 and CEE states, her vision has been put a hold…for now.  Other than sealing the external border and deporting the economic migrants, what other card does she have left to play?  Don’t be fooled by the Turkey Deal, a distraction at best that MAY deport a few hundred (less than one percent of total) but still allows migrants to enter in Greece and elsewhere (Italy being targeted as we speak).  Merkel knows this is no solution. The net additions will continue to swell and Merkel will be at the table again in May, this time demanding the refugee quotas.  The debate is coming.

The Rav Report has written many articles on the absurdity of quotas and forcing countries to surrender their culture and security for a scheme that will guarantee an endless stream of mostly Muslim migrants.  Merkel told the migrants to come, not Czech republic.   But a new obstacle has emerged that will render quotas useless as well as unwise.

A few days ago, 25 Iraqi refugees who were voluntarily taken in by the Czech Republic, were caught trying to migrate to Germany.  They refused asylum in Czech and then illegally attempted to cross into Germany.  The German police stopped them at the border and were set to send them back to the Czech Republic, where they would be deported for abusing the law.  However, this never happened; apparently Merkel intervened and the Iraqis, now economic migrants, will be allowed to apply for asylum in Germany.

The Czechs feel taken advantage of and this does have the smell of being “activist” directed.  However, the most pressing issue is the arrogance of Angela Merkel, once again unilaterally ignoring EU refugee law and acting on her own.  Time and time again, she has undermined others in the EU to do as she pleases.  She says its “her damned duty” but her duty is to protect Germany, not to expose all in Europe to her naive and reckless visions.  Right now, she is a train-wreck, paralyzed by some emotional guilt and legacy quest that blocks her ability to think rationally.

Yet, her argument for “refugee quotas” has been exposed by this incident and many others like it (all the migrants want to get to Germany they say) as a bad arraigned marriage. Most of the refugees are really economic migrants shopping for the states with the richest welfare benefits.  They have no desire to stay in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia; and in reality these countries have no desire for the multicultural lifestyle of France or Belgium.  Unless Merkel wants to build prisons to keep the refugees from leaving their “matched” countries, Europe will see a mass conversion of refugees morphing into migrants on their way to Merkel’s or Sweden’s Land of Milk and Honey.

Refugee Quotas is Merkel’s Last Stand.  This will be the final battle to decide the future of Europe.  If Merkel gets her way again, Europe should get used to the new normal of endless migration and failed multiculturalism.  Defeat her on quotas and her Era of chaos is over.

Time to move on from Merkel and onto PlanB: securing the EU border, dismantling the smuggler network, deporting those who do not belong, processing asylum claims outside of the EU border, and protecting the cherished way of life for European citizens.  We can do it!