Rift widens on ‘returns’ deadline in EU migration pact

Rift widens on ‘returns’ deadline in EU migration pact

What a joke. The EU, especially Ylva from Sweden, is not serious about deportations. They never were.

It’s been five years and they are still yapping about “solidarity”, which was always just another Merkel myth regarding mass migration and multicult.

Rift widens on ‘returns’ deadline in EU migration pact.

This plan crafted by Ylva from Sweden and Germany is pure bait designed to enshrine relocation as an EU-wide doctrine.
Even the German slogan of “flexible solidarity” is designed to deceive some states in order to achieve “solidarity” on migration. What rubbish; in reality, it is a trap to commit the EU to mass migration.

But the V4 (composed of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic) is not buying it:

“It might be misleading – and will likely result in the redistribution of illegal migrants who do not have the right to remain in the EU,” they said, in a joint statement, also signed by Estonia and Slovenia.

Correct. Brussels keeps trying to expand its scope and power. An EU-wide migration scheme crafted by Ylva and Horst Seehofer would be an absolute disaster and must be unconditionally rejected by the V4 and others in CEE.

Once this EU migration genie is let out of the bottle, it will morph into a life of its own…and there will be no going back.
When was the last time Brussels yielded back to power? It just keeps expanding.

One alarming side notes: it is reported that Slovakia did not join the Visegrad leaders in denouncing the EU’s migration pact proposal.
One should be very leery of Slovakia’s new PM, whose party is a member of Merkel’s EPP Party. Unlike Orban, the EPP seems to have influence over him (he wants to be ‘accepted’) and the president is close to Macron and not in tune with the majority of Slovaks, who want no part of this migrant mayhem.

The V4 Report also believes that national conservatives and anti-migration forces must devise a new strategy to strengthen and unite their energies on forming a new bloc to challenge Germany and its obedient plebe states.

Salvini and Meloni in Italy would be a game-changer.