Robert Fico Tries to Mask ‘Oligarchic Democracy’ and Corruption with new embrace of EU Core.

Robert Fico Tries to Mask ‘Oligarchic Democracy’ and Corruption with new embrace of EU Core.

* Slovakia. Robert Fico Tries to Mask ‘Oligarchic Democracy’ and Corruption with new embrace of EU Core.

The EU’s new “hope” is losing all credibility and trust. Slovakia’s core is Central Europe and Visegrad, not Emmanuel Macron’s multicult France.

– We knew something smelled after Fico suddenly embraced the EU Core after his meeting in Brussels this summer. However, things are not going as planned for Juncker’s new student. Fico’s Smer Party was soundly rejected in last weeks regional election in Slovakia. Fico is in trouble and may not be able to stop the momentum building-up against him.

** Have the EU Core “think tanks” and pundits in Central Europe forgotten about the celebratory “photo-ops” in June between Robert Fico, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk? We have not.

Robert Fico – who once said Islam has no place in Europe – suddenly started to have “visions” of the EU Core after a closed door meeting in Brussels.

We do not know what was said or promised behind those doors. However, according to the linked article below, in the months that followed, Fico has promoted Slovakia’s pro-EU position to deflect from the corruption charges and criticisms of his opaque business ties. Last month, following the Czech election in which Andrej Babis won, Fico declared that Slovakia “has become a pro-European island in this region.” We wonder if Fico is aware of the differences between Europe and the EU?

*** The V4 Report touched on this situation in Slovakia extensively on Facebook and Twitter.

– On October 18th we wrote, “PM Robert Fico and other politicians enticed by the promises of the EU Core will be challenged by the Slovakian people, who prefer to follow the V4 Core. If Fico desires the EU Core, he may have to follow the career path of Donald Tusk, who will not be returning to Poland any time soon. We do not know Fico’s thought process or his future plans, but he cannot accept the EU Core without sacrificing the will of the people who elected him to defend their interests, culture and way of life. The Slovakian people will clearly reject this. Slovakia’s core is the V4.”

**** There is no doubt that these regional elections focused on many issues not related to the EU. We understand the corruption and sleaze surrounding Fico. How did the EU overlook this when they appointed him as their “point man” in Visegrad? Maybe they did not and capitalized on his vulnerabilities instead? We do not know what was said or revealed in Brussels, but Robert Fico emerged as a different man. (Czechs should be aware of the leverage the EU holds over Andrej Babis, who is currently under investigation by the EU for the alleged misuse of funds. This is not an ideal situation.)

While not the only factor in Smer’s election debacle, Fico’s sudden embrace of the EU Core did not go over well with the Slovakian voters. Instead of suppressing this development, the media needs to acknowledge it. The EU was quite vocal in promoting Fico as their new “Core ally” in Slovakia. Apparantly, Slovakians heard them loud and clear.

As is the case with the Czech Republic, the people of Slovakia do not desire to follow the multicult Core of France and Germany. However, the liberal media of both countries and the EU-German plebes posing as “think tankers” regularly push misleading propaganda in an effort to slander Hungary and Poland. Their aim is to divide and weaken the influence of Visegrad, which defeated Angela Merkel’s plans for endless relocation quotas.

They can debate their theories at useless summits and forums among themselves or put their trust in lightweights such as Fico, Bohuslav Sobotka, Christian Kern and the leaders of Civic Platform, but they will not be able to break the people of Visegrad.

Has Robert Fico become “the Donald Tusk” of Slovakia? Regardless of his fate, Visegrad moves on. Both Slovakia and Visegrad are much more than Robert Fico.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.