Salvini visits Warsaw: The winds of change are emerging in Europe.

Salvini visits Warsaw:  The winds of change are emerging in Europe.

Salvini visits Warsaw: The winds of change are emerging in Europe.

Matteo Salvini wants Italy and Poland to join together to create a “European Spring”.

The leaders of two large and influential countries met on Wednesday and will attempt to join forces to bring an end to the long-standing French and German domination on the continent.

“We proposed a common program to be offered to other parties and peoples in Europe founded on certain themes, like (economic) growth, security, the family, Europe’s Christian roots that some have denied,” Salvini said.

The EU media is already attempting to sabotage this new mainstream rebellion, but they will soon discover that they are dealing with a very different dynamic.

Salvini has easily eclipsed a shrinking Emmanuel Macron to emerge as a powerful leader in Europe and his party continues to surge in the polls. The PiS controls the government of Poland, which is an emerging political and economic power in Europe.

The League and PiS would create a powerful bloc led by an energetic leader who possesses the natural ability to attract others to the cause. Is it any wonder why the Eurocrats and their mercenaries in the media are on the defensive?

Speaking during a press conference with Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński in Warsaw, Salvini said that Poland and Italy “will be part of the new spring of Europe, the renaissance of European values” which would create a “new equilibrium” where the dominance of France and Germany is diminished.

Brudziński praised Salvini’s immigration policy and his decision to close Italian ports to migrant boats, saying that Poland was also committed to “strengthening borders.”

Salvini said that the upcoming European elections (set for May) could lead away from a Europe “that is run by bureaucrats.”

* Not to be outdone by his Italian rival, M5S leader Luigi Di Maio is attempting to form his own group with other anti-establishment parties across Europe. However, Di Maio is at best a minor league player and not in the same league as Salvini.

Moreover, the smaller parties Di Maio is trying to court from Poland, Croatia and Finland do not carry the same clout as the PiS of Poland.

Di Maio is going nowhere.

** The main question pertains to Viktor Orban of Hungary. What can he be thinking now? How long will he continue to waste his efforts with Manfred Weber, Angela Merkel and Andrej Plenkovic in the EPP? Like the CSU in Germany, the EPP is full of empty slogans but empty of all substance. Many in the EPP have a vested interest in expanding the power and scope of Brussels.

Orban is extremely smart and has the natural instincts to see beyond the present environment. Orban’s true allies are Salvini, Poland and the FPO (Austria)…not EPP turncoats who voted with Guy Verhofstadt and Green radical Judith Sargentini to punish Hungary.

The V4 Report believes Orban’s time with the EPP is coming to an end. It’s not a matter of if…but when.

After all, it was Viktor Orban, virtually alone, who had the courage to first challenge Berlin and Brussels in 2015…and we have no doubts that he will be there fighting to help finish what he initially started.

We say “Onwards” Orban, Salvini and Poland! Europe is counting on you to answer the bell. 🔔🥊