Salvini wants to unite the right in Europe

Salvini wants to unite the right in Europe

Meloni’s factor is adjusting Salvini back to his senses. Thank you Brothers of Italy.
Orban will be the kingmaker that brings the ID (Salvini) and ECR Group (PiS, VOX, Meloni) together.

The V4 Report has advocated this for years, but can it happen? We continue to believe that this is a must.
Guy Verhofstadt and his EU media are already throwing hissy fits over the prospects, which means it may become a reality.
The V4 Report also believes the Meloni ‘patriotic opposition’ factor in Italy is helping to bring Salvini back to his senses.
Reality is setting in on the Draghi experiment. Glad to see Salvini moving in the right direction.

– Salvini is seeking to merge his Identity and Democracy (ID), the EU political group of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party (European Conservatives and Reformists –ECR, which includes Meloni and VOX), and conservative politicians from CEE, such as Viktor Orban and Slovenia’s PM Jansa.

Salvini also said that immigration and family issues need to be resolved in the EU. “On some issues, there is a need for someone in Brussels to say no to the renting of wombs and the adoption [of children] by homosexuals”, said Salvini. “I hope that also in the EPP there are those who do not accept being subordinates of the left”. (With the exception of Jansa, Salvini can forget about Donald Tusk’s EPP Party; they have already surrendered).
“Europe is not the European Union, it is not the euro. It is millions of Europeans”, added Salvini, and he is correct.

Yes, the V4 Report wanted this to happen in 2019, but it did not happen. With Orban’s exit from the EPP, there is a new optimism.
Go for it…there is no other choice.