Scandal in Austria: 13-year-old girl killed in Vienna. Heads must roll!

Scandal in Austria:  13-year-old girl killed in Vienna.  Heads must roll!
Scandal in Austria: 13-year-old girl killed in Vienna. Heads must roll!
Why was the aggressive Afghan not deported out of Europe long ago?
What insanity has paralyzed Europe? EU and COE both a poison. Time to exit both.
Heads must roll on Austria. EPP parties (except Slovenia) are a problem everywhere. It has been majority party in EU for years and it’s fake solutions actually prevent progress.
The young aggressive Afghans particularly have to be returned, regardless of EU/COE declarations or approval of Afghanistan. Send them back, answer questions later.
According to the police’s findings so far, the girl had apparently gone to the older man’s apartment with two acquaintances, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old Afghan.
Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said she was sexually abused and later suffocated. The young girl named Leonie was found on the street not far from the 18-year-old alleged perpetrator’s apartment.
The 18-year-old Afghan already has a long official file: he came to the country in 2015, at the age of twelve, as an unaccompanied minor refugee. A year later he was granted subsidiary protection. In recent years, however, he has received 11 reports of drug trafficking, dangerous threats and brawling. In 2018 he was sentenced to two months probation for the first time, and then in 2019 to another ten weeks. Last year he was detained for ten months for robbery, but was released early after only two months. The reasons for this are currently being re-examined.
But not only his investigation file, but also his asylum file is extensive. In October 2019, the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) revoked his protection status because of his numerous legal violations, whereupon he lodged a complaint; the proceedings are currently pending at the Federal Administrative Court.
So far, however, he has not been deported. However, according to Austrian media, the Federal Administrative Court would have had the opportunity, due to the long criminal record, to have him removed from the country immediately after he reached the age of majority. We are currently investigating why this did not happen.
Kurz is another EPP charlatan who recently allied with radical Greens. EPP is Germany’s party and designed to blackmail national conservatives in Europe.
It is the biggest obstacle (like US neocons) because they masquerade true identity.