Sebastian Kurz – Europe’s Christian Chancellor

Sebastian Kurz – Europe’s Christian Chancellor

* Austria: Sebastian Kurz – Europe’s Christian Chancellor: “Christians should comport themselves with confidence.”

– If the title is correct, we expect that Frans Timmermans, the EU Minister of “values”, will be visiting Austria soon. Brussels does not like this type of thought.

– Some have questioned Kurz’s sincerity, but we have confidence in him, especially in partnership with the Freedom Party. He may be young, but he is confident and seems willing to stand by his convictions.

** The V4 Report certainly does not subscribe to the entire article, especially the obnoxious attacks on Kurz – who is Catholic – emanating from Germany, which may be realizing they are losing influence in Central Europe.

We are also amazed at the arrogance of some who question whether his policies on migration are at odds with “Christianity”. This is a ridiculous debate. The liberals raising this issue are likely to be promoting the agenda of the “Open Society”, the EU and the UN – which are not exactly bastions of Christianity. In fact, they are quite hostile to the Faith.

The debate is not about whether or not to support the refugees as some of the self-appointed “Gods of Humanity” have framed it. The arguments revolve around the best way to help the true refugees without sacrificing the security of Europeans.

The UN/EU/NGO society believes in open-borders and endless relocation with little regard for the safety of Europeans. Many others – including the V4 Report – view the policy of “relocation” as a proven disaster for all, including the true refugees.

Instead, we favor Visegrad’s approach: Securing the border first and assisting the refugees in their own countries (or close to it). Three recent posts demonstrated how Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic were greatly assisting refugees in their own countries. We feel this is the most humane and efficient way to support the refugees while putting the safety of Europeans first.

The Open Society socialists in Brussels may not agree with our solutions, but they certainly will not define the “Christian approach” to migration for us.

*** However noxious the first few paragraphs, there are a few vital points worth mentioning from the article:

1. Eighty per cent of the electorate went to the polls on October 15 in a country that, as of 2016, was 60 per cent Catholic (a further 10 per cent were either Orthodox or Protestant Christians).

The results suggest that a large number of Christians not only voted for Kurz, but also for the more right-wing FPÖ. As Stephan Baier, the veteran Vienna correspondent of the Catholic German newspaper Die Tagespost points out, voter turnout would suggest that many Christians are, in fact, pleased with Kurz’s ascent.

2. Kurz attended the “March for Jesus” in Vienna in 2016, instead of a much more popular gay pride march on the same day. He holds a strongly pro-life position, one he clarified in an interview with the site shortly before the election – at a time when some savvy strategists might have suggested he remain silent.

3. Kurz believes that there is no contradiction between his Catholic faith and his stringent approach to tackling mass migration, which was crucial to his election victory and his remarkable rise in popularity beforehand. As foreign minister, in the spring of 2016, he worked with Viktor Orban and the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) group to help close the “Balkan route” by which hundreds of thousands of migrants had illegally crossed into Austria.

4. Kurz has said: “What has shaped Europe, what has shaped Austria? We have a culture shaped by our Judaeo-Christian heritage and the Enlightenment – and this culture needs protecting, especially at a time of high and rising immigration.”

Sebastian Kurz seems well-grounded and sincere in his beliefs. While he is not calling for Austria’s exit, Kurz desires a slimmed-down EU that focuses on border security and trade. He wants less mandates from Brussels and more power transferred back to the European nation states.

Perhaps this is why Kurz and the Freedom Party are being attacked by Germany and their mercenaries in the liberal media.

Sebastian Kurz – Europe’s Christian Chancellor