Senior recruiter and trainer of IS arrested in Italy.

Senior recruiter and trainer of IS arrested in Italy.

* Italy. Senior recruiter and trainer of IS arrested in Italy. The Moroccan was first arrested in August after a police patrol saw him beating his pregnant wife.

We congratulate the intelligence community, but the lax security at the border in Italy is alarming. How can a jihadist like this enter Italy? Why did he choose Italy to “recruit terrorists?” Is it related to the insane amount of illegal migrants that have been granted entry to Italy?

The leaders of Italy need to stop whining about migrant quotas and focus on sealing the border and deporting the potential “recruits” back to Africa.

In Italy a “high-ranking member” of the extremist terror group Islamic State (IS) has been arrested, the Italian police have announced today. He had traveled to the peninsula to recruit and train other terrorists.

The Italian police tweeted that the Dutch police, the European police association Europol and the American FBI contributed to the arrest. The 29-year-old Moroccan Nabil Benamir “was ready to mobilize for the IS case,” according to a communication from the police. In particular “for training other IS members to make and use explosives”.

The man was accused of international terrorism, but was already in jail for facts of common law. He was first arrested in the northwestern port city of Genoa in August after a police patrol saw that he beat his pregnant wife, the Italian authorities say. After the arrest, the investigators discovered that he was the same man who had checked the intelligence services as a “prominent member” of IS in June. Sufficient evidence, such as videos of suicide bombings, has been found on his cell phone and social networks to show that he had a mission in Italy.

– The lax border security in Italy is a major problem. What could have happened if he was not arrested first for “beating” his pregnant wife? Likely, this jihadist would have been roaming Europe.

Mr. Gentiloni, an Open-Border is not an act of humanity. Gentiloni and his government have exposed Italians and others in Europe with their negligence and misplaced priorities. We look forward to seeing him get “the boot” in the upcoming elections.

Quite honestly, Gentiloni needs to resign.