Showdown in Italy over the UN Migration Compact?

Showdown in Italy over the UN Migration Compact?

Showdown in Italy over the UN Migration Compact?

By Riccardo Zanetti

* The V4 Report’s political analyst in Italy – Riccardo Zanetti – delivers an update regarding the UN Migration Compact debate and the future of the current government coalition.

It’s crunch-time for this Italian government. This issue will likely split the M5S, as the radical left element within it seeks to hijack the government’s agenda to push its own multi-cult, Marxist ideology at the cost of bringing down the government.

Matteo Salvini denounced the UN Compact a few days, quoting Pope Benedict who said: ‘Before the right to emigrate, exists the right to remain in one’s own country’.

Salvini added, “We will meet with M5S and if there is no agreement in democracy, the only organ that must express itself is the parliament.”

After the Italian general election in March of this year, the centre-right coalition (lead by Salvini’s The Lega) won the popular vote with 37%, with the M5S second at 32.7%.


As the single largest vote-winning “party”, the M5S signed an agreement with Salvini to form a coalition government, splitting the centre-right partners in the process. Salvini entered government and has gone about winning the people’s trust with his achievements and determination, building his party’s polling to now lead at 32%. The M5S has eased to 26.5% in opinion polls.


Whilst Salvini enjoys good relations with his counterpart in the M5S, Luigi Di Maio, Salvini’s political platform has put some ‘noses out of joint’ amongst the more radical, left-wing elements of the M5S. There have already been harsh words, clashes and defections on the parliament floor from these wild-eyed ideologues.

They are now likely to stand their ground in opposing Salvini’s position on the UN Migration Compact, creating the conditions for a showdown. So far, Salvini has been loyal to this government and to his relationship with Di Maio, and the time has now come to see if that loyalty will be returned.

With his statement above, Salvini has now drawn the line in the sand. Either Di Maio brings these radicals into line and the M5S votes with The Lega against the UN Migration Compact, or it risks a crisis in the government that will see a split, and a confidence vote in the parliament.

The Lega’s centre-right partners have been attacking the ideological differences in this government, and will relish the opportunity to put the centre-right coalition back together and vote with Salvini on this issue. Either the centre-right prevails, or a stalemate will occur and Italy will face another general election. With Salvini and The Lega’s new electoral appeal, the likely outcome of a fresh election would be a new right-wing government lead by Salvini, with the M5S removed completely, or reduced to a minor role.

It’s do-or-die for the M5S; it either confronts the radical element from within and shuts it up once and for all, or it risks losing the government. The UN Migration Compact may just be the last throw of the dice for the Movimento 5 Stelle.

** Zanetti also mentioned a further scenario. If this government falls in a vote of confidence in the parliament, the globalist puppet President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, may seize the opportunity, as he tried to do in the past, and install an interim “neutral” government pending fresh elections.

If this happens, people will take to the streets in support of Salvini, and against what people will correctly perceive as interference from Brussels.