Slovakia presidential election and the typical ‘reach’ from the anti-V4 ‘think tanks’ and New York Times.

Slovakia presidential election and the typical ‘reach’ from the anti-V4 ‘think tanks’ and New York Times.

Slovakia presidential election and the typical ‘reach’ from the anti-V4 ‘think tanks’ and New York Times.…/wor…/europe/slovakia-election.html

We remember how enthusiastic the Left was after a Green captured the presidency in Austria. While it made a nice story for the pro-Berlin ‘think tanks’, President Alexander Van der Bellen has little influence in Austria today.

This also sounds a lot like the last presidential election in the Czech Republic, where they hailed another obscure presidential candidate as a symbol of the so-called “backlash against populism”.

Of course, no one can define “populism”, except perhaps ex-Czech PM Vaclav Klaus – who labeled the term as meaningless, used simply to place a derogatory label on those who disagree with EU policy.

Most likely, this race in Slovakia has more to do with the corruption surrounding the ruling Smer Party (Socialists), as opposed to any desire for Slovaks to embrace the liberal, pro-migration agenda of Paris, Berlin or Brussels.

– The Slovak statistics Office says that Zuzana Caputova has 38.87 percent of the vote with ballots from over 30 percent of polling stations counted on Saturday. The 45-year-old environmental and anti-corruption activist is in favor of gay rights and opposes a ban on abortion in the conservative Roman Catholic country.

Her strongest challenger Maros Sefcovic, an establishment figure who is the EU Commission Vice-President, was running a distant second with 18.83 percent.

If no single candidate wins a majority on Saturday, a runoff will be held on March 30 in this central European nation of 5.4 million people.

* Even if Caputova prevails, some reality is needed:

– The President has very limited powers in Slovakia. Moreover, this would not represent any type of drastic change as represented by the EU media. The current presidential seat is already occupied by another EU enthusiast named Andrej Kiska, who often clashed with the other leaders of Visegrad over migration.…/kiska-in-conflict-with-other-v4-…

However, this has been the pro-EU media’s approach and style…to try to make ‘election holds’ appear as game-changing victories.

For example, in France, Emmanuel Macron merely replaced another similar leader (Hollande) who was obedient to Brussels. In the Netherlands, PM Rutte merely retained power. These were simple “holds”, not political earthquakes.

Compare this to Poland, Austria and Italy where “major turnovers” occurred over the last three years. These were the “game-changing” elections in Europe.

– The avid pro-UN/EU foreign minister of Slovakia was roundly rebuffed just last December and failed to get Slovakia to support the UN Migration Pact.

Slovakia rejected the ‘gender ideology’ of the Istanbul Convention as well.

Slovakia may want the corruption cleaned-up, but this hardly sounds like a country ready to embrace the multicult, LBGT+ agenda of France or Germany.

What was President Andrej Kiska’s impact? He was just as ineffective as the Green President of Austria. How would Zuzana Caputova be any different?

– Many rallying today around ”embracing the EU Core” were part of the same crowd who cheered ex-PM Robert Fico, a member of Party of European Socialists, after his visit with Jean-Claude Juncker in 2017, in which Fico proclaimed that Slovakia should be part of a deeply integrated EU ‘core’ driven by Germany and France.

How did that work out for Fico?…/

** The V4 Report does not buy what the New York Times sells. The culture of Slovakia is Visegrad and Central Europe…not the multicult NoGoZones of Paris or Brussels.…/wor…/europe/slovakia-election.html